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Here’s how to conduct successful phone interviews

  Getting off “on the right foot” in starting your search for a new employee is a very sensitive and very important procedure. Most of it involves gathering pertinent information—about and from candidates. And, for most searches, starting out well...

Seven tips to a better interview success rate

We all have an interviewing style we prefer – sometimes it’s good, many times it can be improved. Try out these tips. I think you will like the results. 1. Select a Suitable Place for Your InterviewLocation and environment are important in setting up interviews....

Have you really considered contract staffing?

Most employers have a passing knowledge of what contract staffing is, often confusing it with temporary or freelance help, and are not getting the benefits of a very important part of the staffing mix – contract staffing. Certainly, the most popular topic in staffing...

Three ‘whys’ to hire the best candidates

There is one way to ensure that your first choice of candidate will be excited about your company and accept your position. And, here it is … Put on your best sales hat and be sure to impress on your candidate the three “whys”: WHY your company and your job are better...

The most powerful employee retention tool

This time I’d like to talk to you about keeping your top performers on board. You can put together the best team in the industry – but if you can’t keep them, your reputation suffers, your “product” is never stable, and you can spend most of...
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