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Tradeshow Booth Visitors LIE

By: Richard Erschik Wow. That’s a pretty harsh and broad brush statement. Let me tone it down a bit by re-stating that tradeshow booth visitors often misrepresent themselves when they visit your booth. That better? Yes, when you are capturing their information in the...

The Multi-Function of Show Documentation

  Thanks all for joining me once again for another lesson in the spectacular world that is tradeshows! This month – I am going to cover a subject that may seem obvious at face value; however, it can be problematic if you’re not careful, and very useful and...

Electronically enhancing your exhibit experience

  Greetings my fellow tradeshow enthusiasts! It’s May, summer is around the corner and temperatures are rising. It is in this germane that this month’s lesson is about what’s “hot” with electronics for exhibitors on the tradeshow floor. Electronics and in-booth...

'Scanning' the world of electronic lead retrieval

Hello, class. Welcome back. It’s April – which is the month many organizations and individuals celebrate and observe Earth Day (April 22, 2013) with ambitious “Going Green” advancements. Exhibiting – at large – is becoming increasingly more environmentally...
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