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Jessica Sibila Discusses The Exhibitor Advocate at EDPA Chapter Meeting

by Emily Olson; photos by Phillip Cox

Jessica Sibila is the executive director of The Exhibitor Advocate. On October 5, she spoke at the EDPA Las Vegas chapter meeting to kick-off a series of talks she’s giving in an attempt to rally the tradeshow industry around fair practices.

The Exhibitor Advocate is a newly formed nonprofit association made up of a number of seasoned industry veterans who are working to amplify the voice of the exhibitor. Sibila says, “We are asking for a consistent standard, predictable and justifiable costs and simple rules and regulations.”

The event was held at the Carpenters International Training Center. Kevin McLoughlin is a proud member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. He started in the carpenters union when he was 18, and spent much of his career in the tradeshow industry. McLoughlin joined Sibila during her remarks and said that one of the major challenges facing the union is a labor shortage. “The industry has an aging workforce,” he said, “and we need new blood.”

Sibila concurred, adding, “We not only need new people, but we need people who will stay in the industry for a long time. The consequence of not having people who understand the venue and the work and how to get things done quickly is that shows can be a little bumpy.”

After the speeches, EDPA meeting attendees were given a tour of the Carpenters International Training Center, a beautiful new facility designed to attract new carpenters and train them in every aspect of the trade.

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