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Kenes Group Moves to New Office in Israel

Kenes Group, founded in 1965 in Tel Aviv, is taking a step into the future with new bespoke office space on Harokmim Street in Holon, Israel.

Kenes Group pushes its boundaries, and that of the events industry, with everything they do from original events through technology all the way to meeting architecture. It was a natural development for the new offices to be carefully chosen and designed to match the needs of all employees toward improved productivity and creativity.

The selected design studio worked closely with the office dream team specially assembled to help shape the perfect Kenes office. In this way, it was assured that all areas cater to the needs of the employees while ticking all architecture trend boxes that blend comfort and flexibility.

The first major change for the Tel Aviv team is moving to a single floor after being spread through five in the past. Further, the new space was deliberately designed to use different colors and light to put employees at ease and help them do their best work.

All meeting rooms in the office are named after and showcasing top international destinations, connecting to the global character of Kenes Group. There are also plenty of casual spaces for individual work, as it was clear that many people feel more comfortable and inspired switching places rather than being confined to just one desk.

Collaboration is a key outcome desired with this office, but as with all open spaces, acoustic controls were an important aspect of the design. With the use of different materials, furniture, and plants, the ambient sounds are well absorbed. Different shapes around the office also help with the noises, but also, they break the monotony and add depth to the space.

All around there are visual reminders of why everyone comes to work at Kenes Group every day. They are intended to make all employees feel a sense of purpose, weaving the company’s DNA throughout the space—in the wall art, furniture, décor, and signage.

“We know that people that are just sitting at desks all day long won’t be inspired and won’t be innovative,” says Dan Rivlin, chief executive officer at Kenes Group. “That’s why we created this space reinforced with state-of-the-art technology, flexible options for individual and teamwork, but mostly – providing an environment where the team can communicate better and thrive. We will bring this standard to other locations too, with Sofia next on the list.”

The new office has an individual style that fits the spirit of the local team—it is inspired by its employees while helping to keep them inspired.

Kenes Group has a total of 18 offices in the following cities: Geneva, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Sofia, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Algarve, Lisbon, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Miami, Cancun.

Kenes Group has over 50 years of experience in global conference management and ranks among the world’s leading professional conference organizers. Kenes hosts more than 3,600 conferences around the globe, for over 160,000 participants a year. Founded in Tel Aviv in 1965, and headquartered in Geneva, Kenes Group is the only global PCO dedicated to medical and scientific events. The company boasts a team of over 350 professionals, in 18 offices on four continents, and more than 100 long term clients. For more info, visit www.kenes.com.

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