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Nevada Ranks as the No. 2 Best State for Journalists

Submitted by Prism PR


Prism PR Study Identifies the Best & Worst States for Journalists

Prism PR, the New York and Miami-based public relations agency, recently conducted a study on the Best & Worst States for Journalists in the US. Nevada emerged as the 2nd best state for journalists among all, with Kansas being the only state ahead of it in the rankings, according to 11 metrics considered in the study.

The research highlights that in the May 2023 Reporters Without Borders annual Global Press Freedom Index, the US was placed 45th. A major contributing factor was a 28% decrease in the security indicator for American journalists. They are increasingly facing distrust, greater aggression, and animosity while performing their duties.

To compile their metrics, Prism PR referred to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, and various other organizations. The eleven categories encompass both economic and safety statistics:

  1. Non-law enforcement assaults on journalists
  2. Law enforcement assaults on journalists
  3. Fatal attacks on journalists
  4. Freedom of the press violations (legal harassment, threats, detainments)
  5. Journalism job growth projections for 2022-2024
  6. Journalism job growth projections for 2020-2030
  7. Location quotient (journalism job concentration compared to the national average)
  8. Median journalist salary adjusted for the cost of living
  9. Difference between median and 90th percentile income
  10. Housing cost index
  11. Average commute time

Regarding the Silver State, Prism PR notes, “Nevada boasts the highest median salary adjusted for the cost of living at $72,488; the top 10% of journalists are some of the highest-paid in the country, earning $206,420, and journalism jobs are projected to increase by 10.3% by 2030.”

Significant dangers faced by journalists during protests over the past five years and salaries that lag behind rising prices combined to rank California, Minnesota, and Oregon as the lowest-rated states. Since 1992, the safest states for journalists have been Wyoming, South Dakota, and Connecticut.

In these times of increased national polarization and the proliferation of fake news, good journalism is more important than ever. For those considering a career in the US Fourth Estate, this study can provide essential information on where to seek employment.

See how your state ranks here.

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