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RE+ 2023 Opens Today at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas

submitted by Amy Demuth, RAD Strategies Inc.



RE+ (formerly SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week) hosts the most comprehensive event for the renewable energy industry. By recognizing that energy sources and their infrastructure are the most efficient and productive when working in tandem, we are helping the renewable energy industry pave the future for a modern, resilient grid.

Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp. producer of deep cycle lithium-ion batteries and industry leader in energy storage, will be showcasing its proprietary battery cell manufacturing process and leading-edge products at RE+ 2023. The multi-day event, taking place on September 11-14 at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas, attracts more than 27,000 professionals and 1,300 exhibitors, from over 100 countries and all segments of green and sustainable energy industry. This is the Company’s second appearance at the annual RE+ conference.


“This is one of the largest gatherings of professionals and products in North America dedicated to clean energy, so it makes sense that Dragonfly Energy will be there to demonstrate our commitment to innovative energy storage solutions,” said Dr. Denis Phares, Chief Executive Officer of Dragonfly Energy. “We’re honored to showcase our plans to revolutionize clean energy storage with our industry peers.”


Attendees who visit the Dragonfly Energy exhibit space (Booth #5945 in the Energy Storage International Section) will be able to view a sample of the Company’s products and learn more about its patented technologies. Specifically, Dragonfly Energy will be showcasing:

  • Patented Cell Manufacturing Technology
  • Battle Born Batteries
  • Dragonfly IntelLigenceTM
  • Industrial Solar Integration
  • Home Energy Storage

“Dragonfly Energy continues to innovate and work towards bringing the safest and most cost-effective products to market to transform how we store energy, on and off the grid,” Dr. Phares said. “We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on these innovations and demonstrate practical applications in a variety of settings during RE+ 2023.”


About Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp. (Nasdaq: DFLI) headquartered in Reno, Nevada, is a leading supplier of deep cycle lithium-ion batteries. Dragonfly Energy’s research and development initiatives are revolutionizing the energy storage industry through innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. Today, Dragonfly Energy’s non-toxic deep cycle lithium-ion batteries are displacing lead-acid batteries across a wide range of end-markets, including RVs, marine vessels, off-grid installations, and other storage applications. Dragonfly Energy is also focused on delivering an energy storage solution to enable a more sustainable and reliable smart grid through the future deployment of its proprietary and patented solid-state cell technology. To learn more, visit

Where the industry meets

RE+ offers business opportunities and education for many industries within the energy industry—solar, storage, wind energy, electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure,  microgrids, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Past exhibitions have also included geothermal and biomass.

RE+ 2023 will be held at two sites:

The Venetian Convention & Expo Center
201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169

Caesars Forum
3911 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Additional Source: Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp.

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