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The D.E.A.L.: Sin City Supper Clubs Range from Elegant to Irreverent

(Pictured above: Delilah Supper Club at Wynn Hotel)

The D.E.A.L.: Dining, Entertainment, Attractions & Lodging

by Jeanne Brei

The last year has taught Las Vegas that putting all your eggs in one basket is probably not the best long-term strategy—especially when mandates are able to completely shut down all live events, conventions, tradeshows, meetings and parties, which along with the dining, drinking, dancing, shows and gambling that go with them, are the very lifeblood of Las Vegas.

As the mandates have eased, fortunately, people have immediately returned back to their partying ways but conventions and their risk-management lawyers have continued to be wary. In response, Las Vegas has begun building more outdoor spaces for their large-scale events and, ironically, speakeasies and supper clubs have become commonplace as Vegas is inspired by a bygone Prohibition era when rebellion was the answer.

Supper Clubs are all the rage in Las Vegas right now—you could head to the authentically vintage Italian American Club, which has been hosting the Smith Center performers while the downtown theater and cabaret has been closed for the last 18 months, or the Vegas Room or the Nevada Room where the emphasis is on the show and the fabulous food is a bonus. Or you could go big, expensive and extravagant on the Strip, at the Bellagio, Wynn or Cosmopolitan.

the-mayfair-supper-club-On New Year’s Eve 2020, No Ceilings Entertainment brought the gorgeous Mayfair Supper Club to the Bellagio with “elevated food and cocktail presentations” combined with singers, dancers, aerial artists and more—or, as their website says, “where design, dining and entertainment collide to make the show…with the world-famous Bellagio fountains as a backdrop for a fully immersive experience.” The Supper Club was built in the old Hyde nightclub space and converts to Mayfair After Dark at 11 p.m., a fully immersive late-night production featuring a 360-degree light show, singing waiters and audience participation. And the food! Beginning with caviar and ending with a dessert known as the Cigar—an edible chocolate cigar that arrives tableside encased in a smoking glass dome.

The most recent entrant in the glamorous Roaring ‘20s to the sophisticated ‘50s supper club scene is the extraordinary Delilah Supper Club (pictured at top) which opened at the Wynn Hotel in mid-July and immediately dazzled with its opulent Art Deco-inspired décor and sumptuous food. Acclaimed global hospitality partner h.wood Group, which built the original Delilah Supper Club and celebrity hotspot in L.A., jazzed the design up a little for Las Vegas but kept its no photography rule so that celebrities could feel comfortable. The Little Bubble Bar, a 34-seat intimate lounge with plush sofas and vintage-inspired tables, overlooks the main dining room two floors below. Two sets of staircases with bronze sculptures lead to the Anchor Bar with Delilah’s signature brass palms trees and stage. On either side of the main dining room are outdoor courtyards with lanterns and 75-year-old magnolia trees. For an ultra-VIP experience, Delilah has a private dining room (complete with an eight-piece table, couch, its own bar and a chandelier) and an even more exclusive chef’s table that’s in between the kitchen and the private dining room. The late-night dining menu starts at 10:30 p.m. and the live music is kept at a comfortable volume for small talk. A completely unique experience in Sin City!

For those who prefer less elegance and more irreverence, the next Supper Club to open is Superfrico being created by Spiegelworld to pair with their Opium show at the Cosmopolitan. The restaurant is being built in the former space of Rose.Rabbit.Lie and plans to open on Sept. 24, the same night that the show reopens. Performers will be coming and going from their dressing rooms to the Opium theater through Superfrico’s kitchen and dining rooms as the rooms’ interconnected bars, lounges and dining rooms will create a “clusterflourish,” according to Spiegelworld CEO Ross Mollison (pictured right)Ross Mollison, who adds that the inspiration for Superfrico came from the sensory overload of Tokyo’s Robot restaurant.

The “Italian-American-Psychedelic” cuisine will be an “all-senses-overloaded take on grandma’s favorites, including pizza, pasta, steaks, seafood, small plates and photo-worthy desserts, all night long.”

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