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A Good Move for Tradeshow Exhibitors

by George Rohlfing

Your tradeshow booth makes a bold statement about your company, and in many ways, how you set up and break down your booth does as well. Thats why its important to hire a logistics and moving company that holds itself to a high standard. Here are some of the expectations you should have of the logistics and moving company you hire:

  • Confirm all loading and delivery information: It is standard practice when a mover signs on for a job.
  • Weigh inbound shipments: This is a fairly standard practice that is part of creating a complete inventory of items being delivered to the tradeshow. This may not be necessary for the outbound shipment unless the items are being delivered to another show or alternative location, which should be specified by your firm.
  • Bill of lading: Your mover /partner should show up with a Bill of Lading, which is a document acknowledging receipt of shipment. If they do not, then ask for a handwritten Bill of Lading as they unload.
  • International shows: If you are attending an international show, your mover/partner should prepare the following:

          o Shippers Letter of Instruction

          o Shipping Labels

          o U.S. Customs Power of Attorney

          o Certificate of Origin

  • Uniformed personnel movers: Its important that the mover/partner be in some type of uniform to ensure that tradeshow staff know who they are and they are there.
  • Padded items: Pad-wrapped shipments/items must remain padded until placed in the booth.
  • Contact information: Its critical to have the cell phone number of the mover in case there are any questions and to coordinate during the course of the show. For some of the larger shows, larger movers will have a representative on site. Be sure to also have an after-hours emergency contact number.
  • Code of conduct: Most movers will have guidelines in terms of conduct during the show/event. At our company, it goes beyond wearing a uniform and includes professionalism throughout the show and during the job while on site. To that end, we provide training for our drivers and crews.

The investment to participate in a tradeshow, conference or exhibition is considerable. Hiring a moving and logistics company is part of that investment and provides insurance that you have all the tools you need at the show for it to be a success. When hiring a logistics partner, ask around. See who people you respect use. Get two or three estimates and make sure to ask a lot of questions and for references.

George Rohlfing is the owner of BTI, a Lab, Relocation & Logistics Specialist based in Hanover, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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