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Did you ever wonder what happened to all the auto parts that exhibitors left behind at the conclusion of the AAPEX Show in Las Vegas? To the benefit of the environment, the team at A&A Midwest Recycling hauled away over 50,000 pounds worth of leftover samples for recycling when the 2011 event concluded.

For the past two years, A&A Midwest Recycling has been contracted by the Sands Expo Center to help recycle items, primarily metal, from the AAPEX Show. It took the company over eight hours to complete the project.

“The Sands has a problem every year because AAPEX is the one convention where people leave behind heavy stuff that their custodial department is not equipped to pickup, such as 500 pound axles and heavy items like that,” said Scott Stolberg, president and CEO, A&A Midwest Recycling. “The Sands is a LEED certified building and recycling is very important to them. As a result of our work the Sands gets recycling credits and we can assure AAPEX exhibitors that the samples they leave behind are not going anywhere except to be recycled.”

In addition, the Sands Expo Center receives revenue from A&A Midwest Recycling for the recycled items to help offset some of their cleanup costs.

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