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With a theme based on the role of convention centers in relation to major future trends, the AIPC 2014 Annual Conference from Jun. 29-Jul. 2 at CityCube Berlin will feature a series of keynote speakers who together will put center issues and priorities in a very broad global context.

ECN 052014_INT_AIPC Berlin_Keynotes

“AIPC prides itself on creating a highly focused forum for center-specific strategic discussions, but at the same time, we recognize the importance of carrying these out in a way that recognizes the global dynamics that shape our operating environment,” said Geoff Donaghy, president, AIPC. “Our keynotes for this year’s annual conference have been carefully chosen for their abilities to put our issues and opportunities into a broad international context and will ensure we are seeing the big picture even as we discuss our industry-specific challenges.”

These are the keynote speakers presenting at the conference:

Parag Khanna

Dr. Parag Khanna

David Rowan

David Rowan

Avinash Chandarana

Avinash Chandarana

Dr. Parag Khanna, a leading global strategist, political observer and best-selling author named one of Esquire’s “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century,” is a director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, senior fellow at the New America Foundation and senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. His session “Globalization, Urbanization and the Future of the Meetings Industry” will explore the role of the industry in an age of hyper-globalization in which robust inter-continental patterns of trade, finance, migration and travel are expanding across the world.

David Rowan is editor of WIRED magazine’s UK edition. His session “Changing World, Changing Events” will offer a perspective on the kinds of innovations and expectations that will determine success in the future.

Avinash Chandarana exemplifies a broad understanding of the sensitivities and needs of the growing international and multi-cultural business environment. He founded and leads MCI Institute and is professionally affiliated with the American Society for Training and Development – a workplace learning and performance association. His AIPC session “Cultural Adaptations for the Industry” will help AIPC members equip themselves for the variety of intercultural interactions that are rapidly becoming an everyday occurrence in a globalized world.

“The insights delivered by presenters like these are essential to making sure we are prepared for the kinds of interactions that are inherent to a global industry like ours,” added Donaghy. “They will enable our members to make the most of the overall experience they get at the AIPC Conference, which combines a broad international perspective with the industry-specific applications that we need to explore on order to remain competitive as we move forward in an increasingly demanding world.”

For more information about the keynote speakers, visit here.

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