July 23, 2024 8:34 AM
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Ask an Expert: A View from the Show Floor

by Calanit Atia

Exhibit City News sat down with Jeff Quade, EVP Exhibitions for GES, a global full-service provider for the exhibitions industry.

Quade leads the exhibition services and accommodations business units for GES and onPeak, a leading provider of event accommodations.

A long-time veteran of the exhibition industry, Quade has held multiple business development and operational leadership roles during his 29 years with GES.

Calanit Atia: What are your thoughts on the success of tradeshows this year?

Jeff Quade: Last year ended very strong with many shows at their pre-pandemic level. That strength has continued in 2023, and our team is excited to be back on the show floor, helping connect people to innovation, experiences and each other. Many people changed positions, started with a new company or switched industries in the previous year, so we need to help those folks be successful at the shows they participate in. Attendees are returning to travel and are ready to experience exhibitions with colleagues, take advantage of educational opportunities, explore new products and services, and network.

Calanit Atia: What is GES focused on for 2023? 

Jeff Quade: We are focused on our mission, providing user-friendly services and best-in-class execution. We are continuing to refine our GES Plus Series, launched in 2022, and are rolling out new offerings such as ECO Exhibit Systems+, inline exhibit booths with customizable graphics printed on a sustainable fabric blend. The GES Plus Series is specifically designed to make exhibiting simple and cost-effective, offering a hassle-free experience for exhibitors. It also provides added value to exhibitors and organizers by packaging labor and materials, consolidating rate structures, offering discounts and simplifying invoices.

Calanit Atia: And beyond 2023?

Jeff Quade: We are focusing on an exciting new offering for EACs [Exhibitor Appointed Contractors] in 2023. We will be rolling out the EAC Pro Desk, an opportunity for EACs that frequently work with GES to have a dedicated staff member to answer questions and provide assistance with ordering on GES shows. Learn more here .

Calanit Atia: What makes GES an industry leader?

Jeff Quade: We listen to our organizer clients and the companies that exhibit at their shows. With the tremendous influx of new individuals in the industry, we need to make exhibiting easy, predictable and hassle free. We are focused on maximizing show floor presence and providing budget-friendly options. Over the past two years we have simplified our pricing and services, making them easier to order and focused on price transparency with GES Material Handling+, offering per pound pricing and three rates.

Award Winning Event Planner

Calanit Atia is an award winning event planner and entrepreneur. She is an Air Force Veteran, Founder and President of A to Z Events, Las Vegas DMC, Entertainment and Booth Activity Agency. She is also a speaker and can be contacted at 702-212-2500 or Info@AtoZevents.com   

For more information, visit AtoZevents .

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