July 14, 2024 2:04 PM
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beMatrix Now Offers Rental Solutions

beMatrixbematrix rental now is offering a rental solution that provides both domestic and international clients with the ability to rent beMatrix frames, hardware, iZi-Range and Xtreme Solutions. The company offers two renting optionsshort-term and long-termin order to give clients the greatest flexibility.

bematrix rental truckShort-term rentals last one month and allow clients to rent frames for a single project or supplement their frame stock for large or complex projects.

The long-term rental program lasts at least six months, so that clients have minimum upfront costs, design reusability and savings on shipping. Inventory may be purchased at a discounted price at the end of the rental term.

beMatrix is the obematrix logoriginal frame system with big holes since 1993, a heritage they proudly carry forward, continuously improving upon every day, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. As the originator of this exhibit building concept, they continue to reinvent it by continually adding improvements like curves, pivot doors, and the ability to use both rigid and fabric graphics in the same frame. beMatrix produces a Tooless (TM) system, which focuses on turning the “wall frame system” into a “360° hidden building solution” with integrity and respect for people and the planet. For more info, visit www.bematrix.us.

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