May 29, 2024 7:47 PM
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beTomorrow: Innovation and Sustainability with beMatrix

(All images provided by beMatrix)

by Marlena Sullivan, Exhibit City News

For more than 30 years, innovation and sustainability have been at the core of every advancement beMatrix has made. beMatrix provides the latest products and services the exhibit and event industry needs while striving to be carbon-neutral by 2026. When innovating, beMatrix does not work in a bubble. Instead, they focus on using industry insights to guide their decisions and make their products better, faster, and more sustainable. For instance, beMatrix recently launched their 7th generation toolless connector. This new connector is 30% faster to use than their previous generation and can be shipped in-frame to prevent misplacement. Additionally, beMatrix was also the first exhibit system to make the innovative shift from a 55mm frame to a 62mm frame, which is an industry standard today.

Stefaan Decroos, Owner of beMatrix says, “Our role is to help our customers stay relevant. How can we help them be more attractive, more educational, and evolve to best cater to client needs? We are the structure, yet we play an important role in the success of an exhibitor. In the end, we are focused on doing right for our customers and making their jobs easier. If our customers are successful, we’re going to be successful.”

beMatrix’s commitment to innovation and sustainability extends beyond the show floor to the design experience. For example, beMatrix’s beCAD system allows clients to build a sample of their booth online using the same software as beMatrix designers without the need for a CAD background. This software allows them to know exactly what materials they will need, how much production will cost, and, most importantly, the carbon footprint of the structure and finishing of the design. This major differentiator allows companies to report this information to their eco-conscious clients, thus allowing them to take control of their carbon footprint for no additional cost.

When it comes to the future, beMatrix is focused on growth in the United States and in the Middle East. They are investing heavily in new product growth and developing additional processes for their clients that will make exhibit and event building easier. Through all this expansion, beMatrix stays true to sustainability and innovation. Edwin Van der Vennet, the co-Owner of beMatrix, is the heart of the sustainability initiative at beMatrix. He serves on a variety of industry panels and helps to develop standards and global practices for the exhibit and events industry. Edwin says, “Younger generations look at sustainability with great importance. We give real proof of our commitment to sustainability without greenwashing.”

Globally, beMatrix has recently launched its beMaster’s program, which is designed to connect its customers to their counterparts around the world. Instead of having to buy beMatrix products locally and ship them out, beMasters can get assistance from local beMatrix-approved exhibit builders. These partners are experts in their market and who know how to build with the beMatrix system. The beMaster program helps their clients grow business beyond their borders while also helping to reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions.

Tara Ericson, CEO of beMatrix USA, says, “We are proud to offer a sustainable product that is fast and easy to build. One of my favorite things to do with a new employee is to take them onto the show floor to experience our customers building with our system. I&D Labor team members will shout, ‘beMatrix, we love you guys!’ because our product is so efficient and quick to assemble.”

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