July 14, 2024 12:22 PM
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BMA House Launches Complimentary Event Carbon Calculator Tool

submitted by Adam Baggs, Soaring Worldwide, on behalf of BMA House


BMA House, an award-winning, sustainable venue, has announced its latest initiative to support clients understanding of the carbon emissions associated with the events they hold, as they transition to net zero. In collaboration with Planet Mark, BMA House now offers a complimentary carbon calculator tool designed to estimate the emissions associated with holding events at the venue.

The Planet Mark carbon calculator is an innovative estimation tool that helps predict the average carbon emissions for events. This service is part of BMA House’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and its mission to foster environmentally responsible event planning.

Following an event at BMA House, the team will:

  • Input data from the event into the calculator.
  • Provide a summary* of how the estimated emissions have been determined.
  • Offer suggestions on how to reduce emissions for future events.
  • Collaborate with clients in the planning stages of their next event.
  • Save organisers time by gathering and analysing this information, leaving clients with a better awareness of the emissions associated with their events for future event comparisons.

Carys Pugh, Head of Event Logistics, Civil Society Media, who recently used the service, commented: “We are really grateful to have received a report on our event’s carbon emissions from BMA House. This initiative has been incredibly useful and valuable in helping us understand and mitigate our environmental impact. BMA House is the only venue we work with that so far has provided this service, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and supporting us in our efforts to host eco-friendly events. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BMA House and commend their leadership in promoting environmental responsibility”

Hannah Robinson, the newly appointed venue manager at BMA House, who is a passionate advocate for environmental policies, as well as a regular speaker at industry events on the topic added: “Our work with Planet Mark reflects our unwavering dedication to sustainability. This carbon calculator empowers our clients to make informed decisions about their events and take meaningful steps towards reducing their environmental impact. It was important to us that we offer this tool for free to our clients to ensure there are absolutely no additional barriers to their own sustainability journey.”

For more information on BMA House’s complimentary carbon calculator, contact events@bma.org.uk.

*Results are an average estimation. BMA House will not share any personal data or results without prior consent.

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