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Bruce Goldman Corp Comm
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Bruce Goldman Announces Retirement from Corporate Communications

Bruce Goldman, director of sales at Corporate Communications for the last three and a half years, has decided it’s time to slow things down and enjoy his life on Long Island. He may continue to consult for Corporate Communications.

Goldman entered onto the scene in the tradeshow/exhibit world in 1990, working for a well-established New England house called Fahey Exhibits. When he joined Fahey, it had been recently acquired and merged with New Dimensions, a leader in the outdoor equipment, skiing, tennis and hi-tech world. Goldman learned on the job as many do, but he says that at Fahey it was easy because they had so many fabulous individuals to learn from. When he looks back, he sees so many leaders in our field who got their start at Fahey. Unfortunately after eight short months, Fahey had to close its doors.

Goldman moved on, going to work for a few other local exhibit companies, including Innovations, Folio Exhibits and The Exhibit Emporium. It was here where he really was able to be himself and was responsible for pretty much everything related to the job. You found your source of leads, once you had a job you had to find and work with your own outside designer. You then needed to find a builder to quote your job and you needed to manage the build from start to finish.

Goldman really learned the industry and started to build a book of loyal and dedicated clients. After five years at The Emporium, he learned that there was a plan to sell The Emporium to an investor. It was at this time at the end of 1998 that Bruce decided to go out on his own taking one of the designers at the Emporium and approaching his loyal builder Nova. He called his company “Top Dog Marketing” where his logo featured his favorite companion Gracie, a Rottweiler perched on top of a globe.

Goldman took an office next door to Nova, and within no time business was really taking off. This small unknown company managed to build 15 new custom exhibits in 11 months and they never looked back. They never had a sales force other than Goldman and his business partner, and the company weathered all the storms up until 2014 when they closed. Goldman moved on and each time he moved, it was with the idea of growing and improving on his business for others as well as for himself.

His final stop was at Corporate Communications in Westborough, Mass., where in his first year he still had many dedicated followers who he brought over. In 2016 Bruce moved his family to Long Island, New York, to be closer to his only child living in Manhattan. Goldman worked remotely and cultivated new business in many diverse markets successfully.

Since 1985, Corporate Communications’ main objective is to provide and manage the services associated with tradeshows and event planning. Their services include exhibit and graphic design along with construction, production, show service management, installation, shipping logistics and storage to enhance the face-to-face interactions with the target audience. For more info, visit www.corpcom-events.com.

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