June 21, 2024 11:54 PM
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Case Study: Hisense plants seeds for growth with CES exhibit


The 55-by-65-foot exhibit featured LED light washing onto fabric mixed with the projection of soft images.

Hisense, a leading Chinese technology company, partnered with EWI Worldwide to create a new 3,575 square-foot exhibit which was unveiled at CES 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January.

Based in Qindao, China, Hisense offers a variety of products and services, including flat panel televisions, mobile phones, professional television walls, home appliances and telecommunications and information technologies.

The 55-by-65-foot exhibit featured LED light washing onto fabric mixed with the projection of soft images to create a very zen-like environment where customers could escape from the CES crowd and comfortably engage in business with Hisense representatives.

“EWI wanted to position Hisense as a legitimate player in this very competitive consumer electronic global environment,” said Danielle Xu, vice president, international for EWI Worldwide. “A contemporary Lotus garden was created with the Hisense LED televisions strategically planted and featured.”

EWI provided turnkey solutions and services for Hisense; from design, fabrication, installation and dismantle to various onsite services. Building materials for the exhibit included an array of tension fabrics, Plexiglas and plywood.

Through its Global Management Program, teams from EWI’s U.S.-based world headquarters and Shanghai-based Asian headquarters have worked hand-in-hand to develop and execute the Hisense live communications program at CES for the last three years. This year, from getting the confirmation of the client to the completion of the stand, EWI Worldwide had less than two months to execute its brand new design.

EWI is a global, live communications company that creates community between brands and customers. The company has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Shanghai and Winston-Salem.

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