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As The Saw Turns: Technology and Protocol

As The Saw Turns: Technology and Protocol

by Jim Obermeyer Technology. It’s everywhere. And I literally mean everywhere. It continues to interrupt otherwise quiet or semi-quiet spaces. And it continues to cause its users to violate otherwise standard protocol. I’m sitting in one of my go-to breakfast places,...
As The Saw Turns: Who Are Your “Bigs?”

As The Saw Turns: Who Are Your “Bigs?”

by Jim Obermeyer I was asked a while back by a young friend to answer that question. Who have I looked up to as a “Big?” In other words, who mentored and inspired me in the early stages of my career? As I tripped back in time, I came upon several people that have...

Logic and Innovation – By Jim Obermeyer

Ever wonder why some industries seem to be constantly innovating and improving and changing while others seem completely stagnant and stuck in a rut? I spend a fair amount of time behind a windshield, and that gives me a fair amount of time to consider some of these...

Leaving Your Legacy – By Jim Obermeyer

It is interesting to me how our chosen careers build upon themselves; how each experience adds to the wisdom base, which then allows you to be able to succeed at the next level. I could not do the job I am currently doing as well as I do if I had not had the...

That Looks About Right – By Jim Obermeyer

“We’re going to be in the Hudson.” It was Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (at right) announcing they were going to drop US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River. It is a story most of us are familiar with.  After the loss of both engines in their A320, Capt....
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