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Chile Week USA Brings Flavors and Culture of Chile to New York City

chile-bay-beaches-blue-buildings-2830844-2800x1600Largest Ever Delegation Brings Foods and Wines, Investment Seminars and Dialogue on International Trade October 26 – 28

This October, the largest-ever delegation of top Chilean officials will visit the United States as part of the country’s inaugural Chile Week USA, a collaboration of political and business leaders from Chile’s public and private sectors, and a celebration of the people and places that make Chile an exciting destination, resource, and partner to American interests abroad.

This high level delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz Valenzuela will visit New York City, Miami and Philadelphia, hosting a series of events that will highlight Chile’s unique advantages and opportunities in the contemporary global marketplace. Chilean wine and food will complement trade and investment seminars, working lunches and bilateral meetings in key areas such as agriculture, agri-food, services and tourism. Chilean officials who will be in attendance for events in New York City include:

  • Heraldo Muñoz Valenzuela – Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Carlos Furche Guajardo – Minister of Agriculture
  • Luis Felipe Céspedes – Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism
  • Andrés Rebolledo Smitmans – Vice Minister of Trade
  • Carlos Álvarez Voullième – Director of InvestChile
  • Mauricio Banchieri – Trade Commissioner, New York

Chile Week USA will provide greater New York’s business community the chance to learn about Chile’s robust and sophisticated business climate that has brought the country to the leading edge in growing manufacturing industries. Representatives from forest and lumber companies, and a talented service sector engaged in everything from finance and IT to animation and cinema, will speak to Chile’s commitment to sustainability and innovation that make it an ideal resource for American businesses in need of top quality raw materials, creative solutions, or staffing.

Chile’s Service Sector

A focal point of Chile Week USA will be visiting entrepreneurs and business owners that represent the highly-educated and empowered workforce that make Chile an affordable and dependable resource for professional service centers in a variety of fields. Its close proximity to North America and a Spanish-speaking population make Chile a convenient and practical solution for IT or customer service. In 2015 the United States represented the main destination market for service exports valued at $233 million. Computing and IT were among the fastest growing services representing $156 million – a 13% increase over 2014. Free trade agreements with over 60 nations around the world and one of the most stable economies in South America are additional advantages for the financial sector, which will be greatly impacted by the global action surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the ongoing agreements among Pacific Alliance nations.

Chilean Food & Other Exports

Chile is the world’s largest exporter of blueberries, fresh grapes, plums, prunes, dried apples, trout and Pacific salmon and the second largest supplier of frozen raspberries; frozen turkey, parts; shelled hazelnut and frozen jack mackerel. Due to its vast natural resources as well as unique and diverse climate advantages, Chile has become a world leader in produce exports, and programs in New York will highlight opportunities available to American importers, distribution companies, and New York’s world renowned hospitality industry. Chilean Minister of Agriculture Carlos Furche Guajardo will lead a delegation of Chilean food and beverage producers that represent the country’s burgeoning seafood industry, its world renowned wines, as well as growers of organic fruits and other agricultural products.

Chilean food and beverage exports are one of the fastest growing export items for the developing country, having doubled in value from 2005 to almost $15 billion in 2015. In 2015 Chile exported $3.6 billion of food and beverages to the United States alone, making up about 24% of the country’s total food and beverage export. During Chile Week USA, seminars will connect local leaders with Chilean growers, wine and spirits producers, and exporters that can speak to the important role Chile’s agriculture industry plays on American consumer choices year round.

 Chile’s Animation Industry

Joining the delegation will be Daniel Castro, winner of a 2016 Academy Award for the animated short film “Historia de un Oso” or “Bear Story,” a dramatic piece that captures stories of Chile’s past. The Oscar win, and the country’s new partnership to create original content for Cartoon Network, demonstrate the momentum of Chile’s animation industry, which is currently one of the fastest growing in the world. Castro will represent Animachi, Chile’s Animation Association, which is a collaboration of the growing independent studios and freelance artists that are putting Chile on the map with major projects projected in 2017 and beyond.

Chile Week New York City

Chile Week USA begins in New York City on Wednesday, October 26 with a special dinner hosted in conjunction with the North American – Chilean Chamber of Commerce. On Thursday, October 27, the programming continues with “Challenges of the Export Industry: Chile’s Fresh Fruit Success Story,” an informational presentation hosted by ASOEX, President, Ronald Bown, at Columbia University. Programs continue with seminars on services, tourism, and foods, providing an opportunity for businesses in New York City to meet with industry leaders from Chile and learn about opportunities there. Some of the best and brightest beverage professionals from around New York City will come together for pisco tastings and a Chilean wine master class led by Sommelier, Jonathan Charnay. The celebration continues with a Sabores de Chile (Flavors of Chile) dinner, which will highlight the quality and versatility of Chilean ingredients through the lens of the modern American palate. Honored at the dinner will be legendary writer, Isabel Allende, who is the most widely read writer in South America. On Friday, October 28 seminars continue with a special networking event for women in business, which aims to bring together like-minded entrepreneurial women from both countries for a conversation about their unique opportunities and challenges.

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