July 14, 2024 1:08 PM
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Club Ichi’s Streaming Telethon Delivers Bite-Sized Event Excellence

by Chris Kappes

In a world where our attention spans rival that of goldfish, Club Ichi defied the odds with a groundbreaking 12-hour live broadcast telethon on December 15. The brainchild of Dell and IBM event executive Liz Lathan and business partner Nicole Osibodu, Club Ichi’s streaming event brought together 75 speakers and more than 500 event professionals for an immersive experience of education, entertainment, and inspiration. 

Named after the Japanese phrase “Ichi-go ichi-e,” meaning “one moment, one time,” the telethon encapsulated the essence of its pop-in and pop-out format. Now boasting a community of a thousand corporate event professionals, Club Ichi has become the go-to platform for tactical advice and idea exchange within the dynamic landscape of corporate events. 

The telethon’s success can be attributed to the secret sauce of curation and content diversity. Hosted live from the SpliceVideo studios in Scottsdale, AZ, each fifteen-minute segment featured subject matter experts discussing a wide array of topics, leaving little room for commercials or distractions. From AI and generational impacts to hybrid events, fitness on the road, and cold sales outreach, the curated topics kept the audience engaged and informed. 

Presenters added to the diversity by appearing live from various locations, including homes, corporate offices, a beach resort in Puerta Vallarta, a home kitchen, and even while strolling through a park. The event’s seamless flow, broadcast on Accelevents, produced by BETR Productions and amplified by Snöball Event Marketing, made it a creative twist on traditional event production. 

So, what were the results? 

  • 513 total registrants, 246 came to the event 
  • New Club Ichi members, both free and paid, joining the vibrant community. 
  • Increased industry promotion and awareness. 
  • Mass speed learning with bite-sized insights. 
  • A fresh and creative approach to event production. 

What were the takeaways?  

“We succeeded in creating an energy-filled event that was overflowing with people saying they just wanted to pop in for a session but got sucked in and couldn’t leave.”  Lathan emphasizes, “This event was a celebration of community and the value that we all bring to one another. We now have several hundred new friends excited about content presented creatively and leveraging the expertise inside the community to push our industry forward. A win-win.”   

For more information, visit Club Ichi. Engage, learn, and be part of the future of corporate events. 

  • Superior Logistics

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