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Exhibit Surveys Inc. announced the release of a white paper, authored by the company’s CEO and president, addressing eight ways exhibitor return on investment (ROI) can be improved.

Jonathan Cox’s “The Organizer’s Role in Driving Exhibitor ROI – A Consultative Approach,” was published on the company’s website following last month’s Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF). ECEF is the only one-day forum designed exclusively to address the convention and exhibition and event industry.

Exhibit Surveys Inc. is a provider of research, measurement and consulting services exclusively for the exhibition and event industry. Cox’s paper begins with an appraisal of the alignment between an event’s exhibitors and visitors.

“By helping exhibitors better calculate their expected ROI, and by focusing on improving the exhibitors’ future returns, organizers are actually building the foundation for a growing and vibrant event,” said Cox. “Improving exhibitor retention rates, increasing exhibit space and sponsorship sales and identifying new opportunities for growth all require the organizer to develop a clear definition of the value an event currently provides to all of its stakeholders.”

By understanding the variables impacting an exhibitor’s performance, to sharing more detailed show data and specific exhibit performance metrics, the paper asserts there are many ways for an event organizer to enter into a more consultative relationship with individual exhibitors.

Gathering and sharing the right data and conducting more strategic conversations will enable the organizer to create more value for exhibitors, thereby improving the exhibitors’ ROI (Return On Investment).

To download the free white paper, visit http://www2.exhibitsurveys.com/l/31042/2014-05-23/4wlz3.




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