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Display Supply & Lighting introduces LED Driver Converter

Display Supply & Lighting Inc. (DS&L), a leader in lighting, supply products and product selection and installation oversight services, introduced its LED Driver Converter designed to convert most of DS&L’s MR16 style fixtures to work with virtually any LED replacement lamp.

How does it work? Simply remove the old transformer, which is the plug in device part of the fixture, and use the LED Driver Converter in its place. You can then use virtually any LED replacement lamp (10 watt maximum) with the fixture and have smooth, consistent operation.

ECN 072015_NTL_Display Supply & Lighting introduces LED Driver Converter

“Have you ever tried to take a low voltage fixture that uses a 50 watt halogen MR16 lamp and replace the lamp with a LED replacement lamp? Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not light up at all, and sometimes it flickers!” said Rob Cohen, vice president, DS&L. “This is because the transformer used for operating the low voltage halogen lamp was not designed or intended to operate a LED lamp. To properly operate the LED lamp replacement you need a LED driver. This is why we developed the LED Driver Converter.”

To learn more about how DS&L can help you and to learn more about our LED Driver Converter, visit www.dslgroup.com.

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