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Taylor SecurityIt’s every father’s dream to give his son’s future some security. Well, that’s exactly what Dan Taylor’s dad did. The family business, which has been handed down for three generations, is Dan Taylor & Associates (DTA), a security management company designed around the tradeshow industry.

Taylor recently relocated his company along with his entire family to Las Vegas. The company’s executive vice president since 2008 also happens to be his wife Kim, whose background is in operations management. Together they are the proud parents of three; Nicky, 23, Brandon, 17, and Trey, 14. The 42-year-old family man and his wife have been married for 18 years.

Moving to Las Vegas was an extensive and time consuming decision for the Taylors. From inception to completion, the move totaled three years but the validity of choice was there. For Taylor, it had to be family first, but the whole thing came together nicely for family and company.

“That was really one of the reasons we moved,” he said. “It had gotten to the point that I was spending more than half the year in Las Vegas, so it was a lot of time away from home, a lot of time living out of a suitcase, living in a hotel room.”

DTA is faring well after the shift and has been able to open new areas of the business as a result. According to Taylor, the move has opened doors specifically in the guard division. Prior to DTA coming to Las Vegas, the business dealt primarily with the consulting and management areas of show security. The decision to move enabled the company to expand their marketing targets into providing the actual guard service.

“Moving to Las Vegas opened a lot of doors because then we became able to market to basically any event,” he said. “Although all events require security in some form or fashion, they don’t all require the management and consulting level of service.”

DTA has come into its own as a full-service convention and security management company under the leadership of Dan Taylor Jr. The company’s capability to serve a show as large as the National Association of Broadcasters or as small as a convenience store conference makes DTA a leading contender in the convention security arena.

When discussing his family, Taylor gives off a persona of pride. When conferring about his business, his demeanor is strength and ability, but when talking about himself, Taylor is genuinely shy.

Some of Dan’s outside interests justify his ability to make others feel secure. He is affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security through its Volunteer in Police Service program. He is also an Emergency Response and Recovery member of The American Red Cross’ Disaster Action Team.

“It’s something that I enjoy and I think that really makes a difference,” he said. “It’s not an obligation or a job, it’s just something I enjoy doing.”

Dan’s top-of-the-list activities, however, are of life’s simpler joys, and that was obvious when he smiled.

“I’ve got two boys at home, and I enjoy hanging out with them on the weekend,” he said. “Anything from paintball to skiing while in season.”

As for working alongside his wife, Kim is more than happy about the marriage and business relationship she has developed with Dan.

“Dan and I work closely together in every aspect of our business,” she said. “We play off of each other’s ideas and are able to work closely with ease. Our relationship is strong in business and our home life we are truly lucky to be best friends, great co-workers and we have a great marriage.”

A new city, a new house and possible new offices in other new cities in the near future are keeping Taylor busy these days, but hopefully, Taylor will be able to pass the business to one or both of his boys. He doesn’t seem intent on making the decision for them, but is optimistic since they have both expressed an interest in the family business.

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