May 29, 2024 8:00 PM
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EACA to Release 25th Anniversary Membership Directory

It’s an exciting time in the tradeshow industry and it is going to get even more exciting this April when EACA (Exhibitor Approved Contractor Association) releases the 25th Anniversary Membership Directory at ExhibitorLive in Louisville. Exhibit City News is proud to continue its 25-year collaboration with EACA with this directory, both a celebration of the association’s members and a chronicle of its 25-year history.

Not just a keepsake, the directory will be a valuable resource for exhibitors and contractors in finding EACA members to help with their event. “EACA members know that no matter what city they’re in or what project they have there is always a colleague at hand to connect with who’s willing to assist in times of need,” says Jim Wurm, executive director of EACA. With 35 years in the tradeshow industry, Wurm knows reputation and relationships are integral to success. “EACA members know that the only thing we all trade on in this industry is our reputation and our relationships.”

The EACA also strengthens member reputation with the association’s established standards, best practices and code of conduct, to provide exhibitors with the EAC they need for any event. As Wurm says, “Your reputation is earned by the quality of your work, but relationships are earned by the company you keep. And there is no better community to keep company with than EACA members.”

Join us in looking back on decades of EACA’s ongoing mission to provide value to its members, their exhibitor clients, and the tradeshow industry as a whole. To support or sponsor the directory, contact Lisa Abrams at

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