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Eagle Management Group Soars to the Top

It all began in the summer of 1987. You’ve heard the story so many times…the one about the successful company that started in the (insert your room of choice). Garage? Basement? Kitchen? This one happens to be the basement. It also includes four guys in their mid-20s scattered around the country working for a major installation and dismantle (I&D) company. They wanted to come home to New Jersey to start their own company and control their own destinies. The first city they opened was New York. It was baptism by fire, but the long hours and sleepless nights were worth it.

Eagle Management Group Founders Joe and Steve Matranga.
Eagle Management Group Founders Joe and Steve Matranga.

Fast forward to 2015 — The four guys are now two guys; one city became 33 cities, and the company is now in its 29th year in the I&D business.

Why did it work?

Why does one company never get off the ground and another achieves tremendous success? If you ask Joe and Steve Matranga, two of the original four founders and current owners of Eagle Management Group, Inc., they would tell you that it was all the usual things…skill, timing, teamwork and yes, maybe luck, but they would add something else.

“At the time, there were not many national I&D companies, and customers couldn’t get the same level of service in every city,” explained Steve Matranga, President, Eagle Management Group. “We made a concerted effort to grow at a very slow pace, which meant resisting the temptation to open a city until we could service our customers fully in that location. Initially, that strategy didn’t help revenue, but eventually, it paid off.”

It takes a village

Tradeshows represent countless industries that contrast in size, complexity and location. The nonstop moving parts require experienced city managers, project managers, lead personnel and resources to service clients.

“Our decentralized organizational structure provides the flexibility to travel city managers and lead personnel based on geographic requirements and client requests,” explained Joe Matranga, CEO, Eagle Management Group. “Our managers handle pre-show planning to post-show wrap-up and everything in-between. This structure requires a full team effort year-round. We provide all necessary and available resources to deliver exceptional customer service.”

And so it goes

The story of Eagle Management Group, Inc. may have begun like so many other companies, but anyone in business knows the ending could have been much different. Not that we’ve reached the end. The story is still unfolding and most likely will for years to come.

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