April 18, 2024 6:57 PM
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ESCA forms a strategic partnership with Veloxity

ESCA forms a strategic partnership with Veloxity to revolutionize event experiences with advanced technology solutions.

As a new Veloxity customer, ESCA members are entitled to a special discount on any new order placed, enabling access to the latest in event technology at an unparalleled value.

submitted by Tammy McGlade, Director of Marketing and Client Success, epIQ Creative Group

Illinois, March 2024: The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Veloxity, a pioneer in cutting-edge event technology, to offer exclusive benefits and elevate the attendee experience across the exhibition industry.

This partnership is set to transform the event experience, offering ESCA members exclusive access to Veloxity’s suite of custom-branded offerings at a discounted rate. Veloxity’s advanced portfolio includes interactive display screens, advanced charging stations, and captivating LED screens, all designed to engage attendees and enhance brand activations. From ensuring that attendees’ devices remain charged to providing immersive interactive displays, Veloxity’s technologies are crafted to elevate every aspect of the attendee experience.

Veloxity will further showcase their commitment by sponsoring their technology at the upcoming ESCA Summer Educational Conference June 23-26, Hot Springs, VA. The sponsorship will allow conference attendees to experience firsthand the transformative impact of Veloxity’s solutions on event engagement and attendee satisfaction.

“We are excited to bring Veloxity’s transformative event technology solutions to our members,” said Julie Kagy, Executive Director of ESCA. “This partnership aligns perfectly with ESCA’s mission to enhance the value and effectiveness of exhibitions and events. Veloxity’s offerings not only offer engaging activations for attendees but also present significant sponsorship opportunities for brands. We encourage our members to leverage these exclusive benefits to revolutionize their event experiences.”

Lucky Popov, Co-Founder & Partner at Veloxity commented “We are delighted to partner with ESCA and offer their members our cutting-edge technology solutions. Together, we aim to redefine the standard for attendee experiences at events. Our suite of technologies are designed not just to meet the current needs of the industry but to anticipate and shape future trends. We look forward to empowering ESCA members with our innovative solutions and watching how they transform their events.”

About ESCA:

The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association (ESCA) is committed to the advancement of the exhibition, meetings, and special events industries. Through education, information exchange, and fostering industry best practices, ESCA is dedicated to enhancing the value and effectiveness of exhibitions and events worldwide.

About Veloxity:
Veloxity specializes in delivering state-of-the-art event technology solutions that elevate the attendee experience. With a focus on interactive display screens, advanced charging stations, and LED screens, Veloxity empowers brands with engaging activations and sponsorship opportunities. Their mission is to keep guests informed, engaged, energized, and happy throughout the event experience.

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