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EWI Worldwide chooses chief creative officer

EWI Worldwide, a global live communications company, selected a chief creative officer.

ECN 092013_POM_Charles Bajnai_EWI WorldwideIn this role, Chuck Bajnai will lead EWI’s creative group across the enterprise to deliver multi-channel programs for brands in automotive, health care, consumer electronics, aerospace and financial services industries.

“Chuck’s leadership, talent and vision give brands the ability to create meaningful connection with customers,” said David Bean, corporate president, EWI Worldwide. “He leaves nothing on the table – every audience, capability and opportunity is being held up to the light and evaluated.”

A favorite saying of Bajnai’s is “Hope is not a strategy.”  It anchors his creative process, which is focused on getting to the core of any business challenge to find the right solution with the right set of people and to share the right story with the right audience.

“Live is worth its weight in gold, and many brands are just beginning to scratch the surface of what live communications programs can do for their brand story,” said Bajnai. “The approach of applying creative, informed by solid strategy, connects the dots in a way that the customer experience becomes seamless and will serve as a catalyst during this transformative time in marketing.”

He has 18 years of deep experience across a wide range of activations and capabilities – from auto shows and tradeshow programs to retail environments, digital engagements, press events, business meetings, pop-up retail and mobile programs – and has led his teams to award-winning executions across multiple industries.

Bajnai has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He will work out of EWI’s world headquarters in Livonia, Mich.

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