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Exhibit industry launches new products


Photon Interactive

Photon Interactive produces hologram-type images and projects them onto a transparent screen, which is also interactive.


Once again, this year centered around EXHIBITOR, tradeshow and exhibition companies have introduced a number of new products and services. These products range from technology-centric interactivity to user-friendly exhibit design and construction.

PeopleVisionFX launches Photon Interactive
A new display that will be featured at EXHIBIOR2011, Photon Interactive produces hologram-type images and projects them onto a transparent screen, which is also interactive. These displays are able to move, incorporate audio and interact with an audience.

PeopleVisionFX, a NJ-based company, produces creative special effects for theme parks, museums and corporate exhibits. Some of their signature products embrace effects based on 3D video projection. PeopleVision FX will be located at booth 1717.


EZ Engage is a wall that includes eight LED-lit sensors for users to select media files from.

Moss intoduces EZ Engage

EZ Engage is a wall that includes eight LED-lit sensors for users to select media files from. The media files are pre-loaded onto the EZ Engage system and when a user waves a hand in front of the sensor to select their preferred media, LED lights flash briefly behind the wall of fabric to confirm the user’s selection. EZ Engage can provide product information, play demonstration videos, or even map demonstration locations or personnel, all functions that would be handy at a tradeshow.

The EZ Engage system is a part of Moss’ EZ Fabric Wall System and includes a monitor and an electronics package, complete with eight sensors and a computer. Everything is contained within a wall, which makes the display compact. Moss will be located at booth 1245 and 1351.

Nomadic Display debuts HangTen Series
Nomadic’s new HangTen display is a curved wall of fabric that scales to serve multiple display opportunities. The 8-foot HangTen system also converts to a 4-foot graphic kiosk or table top model, allowing for versatility. The system is even available in a larger size for greater impact. Nomadic Display will be located at booth 1745.

Benchmark Imaging & Display rolls out Show Floor
A brand new graphic flooring product called Show Floor is now on the market from large format printing specialist Benchmark Imaging & Display. Benchmark just introduced the new, custom-printed flooring solution so customers can enhance their image and message capabilities when showcasing their products and services.

“Tradeshow booth flooring has been a frequently overlooked graphic opportunity to communicate with attendees and improve the appearance of a booth space,” said Bill McKinley, president of Benchmark Imaging & Display. “Our new graphic product Show Floor allows an exhibitor’s floor to become an effective design component of their booth and the message their booth sends out. I’m really excited to see the new environments designers will create with it.”

Customers supply Benchmark with their artwork, whether it’s an imaginative design, a panoramic view or something as straightforward as a logo. Through Benchmark’s printing process, the image becomes a layer of the flooring and is displayed in full-color at a high-quality resolution.

Benchmark’s new Show Floor is produced in 5-foot by 10-foot matching sections with two sections making up a typical 10-foot by 10-foot tradeshow booth floor. Together, the tube and the two sections weigh in at about 65 pounds.

“This flooring is heavy-duty and withstands a lot of abuse. Attendees’ high heels don’t puncture it and fork-lift wheels don’t damage it,” said McKinley. “It easily retains its high-quality imaging and good looks.”

Benchmark will be located at booth 2024.

Classic Exhibits releases the SEGUE Sunrise

SEGUE Sunrise

The Sunrise assembles without tools, making it an ideal alternative to traditional portables, such as pop-ups or pillowcase frames.

Classic Exhibits Inc. recently introduced the SEGUE Sunrise Portable Hybrid, a lightweight silicone-edge graphic exhibit. The affordable Sunrise assembles without tools, making it an ideal alternative to traditional portables, such as pop-ups or pillowcase frames.

Unlike existing silicone graphic frames with loose parts, the Sunrise assembles with attached knobs, eliminating the need for tools like Allen or Hex keys. Setup only takes 15-20 minutes for a 10-foot display.

The Sunrise is available in four 10-foot by 10-foot and four 10-foot by 20-foot versions. Starting at $2,575 retail price for the VK-1903 version, it comes with three packaging options, including a lightweight shoulder carrying case and a roto-molded flat case with wheels. The Sunrise is also available with a monitor mount option.

“For the first time, exhibitors have an elegant option to a pop-up or pillowcase fabric display,” said Kevin Carty, vice president of sales for Classic Exhibits. “The Sunrise uses the latest Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) technology and durable MODUL aluminum for an upscale hybrid look. It is engineered to last for years. Other than a fully assembled exhibit, this is as easy as it gets for a portable trade show display.”

The SEGUE Sunrise is available through Classic Exhibits’ network of over 150 distributors. Classic Exhibits will be located at booth 1455.

Experient launches Luminosity
Experient, the source for integrated meeting and event solutions, announced its new Luminosity services, a suite of offerings designed to enable event organizers to measure true event performance.

Luminosity, a new family of service offerings based on the return on investment (ROI) measurement methodology developed by the ROI Institute, enables organizers to validate the tangible and intangible business impact of their events in alignment with the specific objectives for each event. These services provide end-to-end support to clearly define objectives, design and implement effective data capture and analysis systems.

“Even as the meetings industry continues to rebound, ROI continues to be a mantra among event professionals at every level,” said Rick Binford, CMP, Experient president, event management services. “Luminosity provides a practical, efficient, and proven pathway to compile quantifiable data and research-based facts that will help our clients measure the effectiveness of their event and make clear event performance improvement decisions for the future,”

Results will provide valid intelligence to help gauge and fine-tune event design, participant satisfaction, and support repeat registration, sponsor and exhibitor sales over time.

From the development of a detailed project plan, data collection, expert analysis and final impact assessment report, Experient Luminosity helps clients prove the value of their meetings. The suite of services offered with Luminosity provides progressively increasing levels of support and consultation to help any organization looking to measure event results.

WallsandForms introduces new display structures


Any of these tiers or panel sections can be built with a permanent insert.

WallsandForms, a product display manufacturer, has introduced three new products.

The first display, “Lights Alive,” features a low-profile aluminum framing system that enables the production of virtually any size high-quality lighted display. The Lights Alive backlit floor stand displays are available in two, three and four-sided formats. They feature slatwall panels that can be used for merchandising product or literature, and offer changing of images.

“Lights Alive” floor stands offer a variety of options by tier. They can feature a permanent tier logo or product section at the top “tier” or, alternatively, in the middle or on the bottom. This is ideal when the floor stand is used as a standalone POP display or as an “attention grabber” alongside a kiosk or store entry. Any of these tiers or panel sections can be built with a permanent insert. This insert can be a silk-screen or print graphic containing the customer’s logo, company name, or product name.

The second frame system, “T2,” enables you to individually mount light fixtures on a single plate; light fixtures can be fixed in this single plate along the width of the frame. The system is designed for change. With this kind of flexibility comes the capacity to change a wall to promote a sale event, change an entire shop’s colors, or relocate an entire department without involving any contractors or outside labor.

Frames, panel plates, connecting hardware and accessories are the only components involved. Plates are available in various sizes and colors. “T2” also offers concealment of cables and power outlets, front-loading access to power and wiring, and a high load-bearing capability.

“VersaFlex,” the last structure, uses an aluminum framing system that enables the production of any size high-quality lighted display. Retailers can use a large illuminated display and any additional options at the point of sale. These features include standard sizes of

“Lights Alive” single and double-sided light boxes with free standing and hanging options, a ceiling mounted model that steals existing light from the fixture, and backlit floor stand displays. Floor stands are available in two, three and four-sided formats.



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