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Exhibit Industry Veterans Launch Your Virtual Tradeshow

(Pictured L-R: Mike Yaccino, CEO, ExtraMile Inc., Robin Duggan, 2GC Inc., and John Lostroscio, president, Artence Consultiing, LLC)

With social distancing the new normal in the foreseeable future, three exhibit industry veterans have created “Your Virtual Tradeshow,” a unique service that enables brands to deliver an immersive, multi-level production to current and prospective clients.

Chicago-based Your Virtual Tradeshow is the joint brainchild of Mike Yaccino, CEO, ExtraMile Inc., Robin Duggan, 2GC Inc., and John Lostroscio, president, Artence Consultiing, LLC, each of whom has more than 30 years’ experience in the tradeshow industry. The team believes that businesses must display agility, especially in times like these. By reallocating a fraction of the budget typically allocated toward tradeshow marketing, Your Virtual Tradeshow gives brands the opportunity to deliver all of the excitement without the costs of staff travel and entertainment, while sharply reducing freight shipping expenses, installation and dismantling charges and eliminating material handling fees.

YVT logo“Your Virtual Tradeshow is a creatively planned production that leverages a physical asset like a tradeshow booth, or slick 3D animation, to create a dynamic tour of your new products,” explains ExtraMile’s Yaccino. “As shows are being canceled or rescheduled, companies still need to get their new product information out, and a well-produced, first-rate event allows them to represent their brand in a tradeshow quality format. Mixing the digital and physical world allows for an incredibly rich experience.”

“While many publishers offer video conferencing or webinar solutions, they lack the luster and excitement of a tradeshow,” Yaccino continues. “Our goal is to deliver a show experience in an unexpected format that is powerfully intriguing, immersive, and memorable. Seeing a tradeshow booth on a video with colorful interview and fly-in effects and powerful graphics will turn heads.  And this hasn’t been done before. It’s an effective way to fully share the show experience, and it’s a fraction of an actual show cost.”

Options are nearly limitless and can include tools like show demos, infographics and exciting webinars with a live host and SMEs that would conclude for an interactive Q&A session. That content can then be used on the exhibitor’s website, in social media, dealer newsletters and other marketing uses.

Your Virtual Tradeshow was started as a natural progression for 21st-century business. Taking virtual events to a new level is not a question of if, but rather a matter of when it becomes the norm. Founded by exhibit industry veterans with a rich history of success, this new concept will become the de facto standard to which all virtual events are measured. For more info, visit https://yourvirtualtradeshow.com, call (847) 426-5484 ext 2, or contact rwohlfeil@yourvirtualtradeshow.com.







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