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EXHIBITTRADER introduces new companion website



After nearly 18 months of design, programming, testing and final implementation, the ET.C team has unveiled www.exhibittrader2.com.

EXHIBITTRADER.COM Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based corporation, has introduced its latest addition to the exhibit and event industry. After nearly 18 months of design, programming, testing and final implementation, the ET.C team has unveiled its newest website creation: www.exhibittrader2.com.

In October 2009, during the heart of the recession and lagging industry revenues, ET.C’s goal became simple. It was necessary to make cuts to all superfluous expenses like most profitable operations do.

“But instead of standing still with a ‘wait and see’ attitude, or in survival mode, I challenged our management staff to take advantage of the economic downturn and look to the future yet once again,” said Ray C. Rogowicz, CEO and president. “Based on several years of client feedback, I ask our team to create another user-friendly platform.”

This time, the desire was to create a brand new website that would be integrated as a companion and complement to the original www.exhibittrader.com website site. The original website focuses on assisting exhibitors with buying and selling pre-owned exhibits and accessories.

However, the new website is specifically dedicated to the sales and service of New Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibits, Portable Displays Systems, and Indoor and Outdoor Event Products. Both websites will be linked to one other for ease of use for online customers, providing an even greater range of solutions to trade show industry buyers.

“With challenge in hand, my team immediately searched out the brightest and most talented to carry out our mission,” said Chad Rogowicz, COO. “My vision was to provide an extremely efficient, user-centric, interface website showcasing the exhibit industry’s best suppliers and products and present them in a manner using the most vivid visuals and graphic images available to us.”

The main objective was to be the best online display provider, having the best products and service available for our customers. ET.C intended to raised the bar to separate themselves from the typical, online mom and pop-style portable display commodity brokers.

“I wanted to then combine that vision with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to connect directly to our audience, said Rogowicz. “These tools afford us ultimate efficiency and effectiveness, in assisting the marketing community’s selection and buying experience when using our services.”

ET.C now offers customers a large variety of functional, pre-designed packages ready for custom graphics as well as fully customizable exhibit packages to fit any size and brand requirement. The two companion websites are working together to provide savvy and novice exhibitors alike with alternatives and cost-effective solutions.



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