February 27, 2024 5:58 PM
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From Hollywood to Tradeshows

by Marlena Sullivan


“Possibility” is a lofty goal defined by words rather than actions. For FormDecor, possibility is one of its key attributes, as important to its identity as their commitment to excellence. Possibility is imagining furniture that is not only new but revisits the past and allows it to shine.

Fritz Williams fell in love with mid-century furniture when he moved from a small town in Indiana to LA. Inside his small downtown loft, Williams curated an eclectic collection of furniture. Outside he began to love the people who dreamt big, and the streets paved with stars. This mix of passion and creativity marked the beginning of FormDecor.

When Williams allowed his loft to be used for a TV commercial shoot in 1998, he was not anticipating the changes that were about to transform his life. The Art Director asked to use his furniture for the shoot as well. He said yes and gave out business cards to the film crew. One phone call later, a second request to rent his furniture began a twenty-four year adventure into furniture rental.

Since that commercial shoot, FormDecor has established itself as a powerhouse within the industry. From a team of one in a small loft in downtown LA  to a 104,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Huntington Beach, California, with team of forty-five. They are a minority-owned business, as designated by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). After almost a quarter of a century, FormDecor has come a long way from the days when Williams would call up his brother to help him transport furniture across the country in rented U-Haul. Now, FormDecor is known across tradeshows, events, and the film and television industry for the diversity of furniture styles they consistently provide.

A Chance at the Future

Furniture often plays an invisible but important part in all of our lives. When we walk into a space, whether that is a tradeshow event or a wedding, we notice the furniture whether consciously or subconsciously. Each piece tells a story.

FormDecor specializes in the story. Their dedication to craftsmanship and constant innovation means that FormDecor is consistently asking questions. “What’s next?” “What’s the next Pantone Color of the Year?” “What are the new trends in fashion? In furniture?” From Milan to Shanghai, FormDecor constantly asks what is possible and what can be done to create and obtain better furniture for their clients to rent.

The Hopes of the Past

FormDecor knows that not all stories are based in the future; some are inspired by the past.

A phone company wants to show their phone in two decades—perhaps the ‘80s and now? FormDecor has the vintage pieces. What if a company wants to create a Victorian-inspired aesthetic for their show or party? FormDecor can provide the vintage mirrors and chairs. Sticking close to their mid-century modern roots, FormDecor finds a possibility in providing antique and vintage furniture to clients. Sourcing pieces from all over the world to create an elaborate inventory of furniture and accessories, FormDecor is adaptable and consistent.

This is what has made FormDecor one of the preferred vendors of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Their ability to provide furniture styles across decades and assist companies in creating the story they want to tell, whether that is through antiques or modern furniture, is a shining example of what it means to consistently progress.

Constantly Striving for the Exciting

When Porsche designers travel from Germany to check the quality of their furniture, for a new car launch, they know FormDecor will deliver. When the Superbowl needs to rent furniture for their tailgating parties, they know that they can count on FormDecor’s quality. FormDecor is known for their work in the auto show industry and across other tradeshows such as the Game Developers Conference, Comicon, CES, and SEMA.

FormDecor has worked with wedding planners to provide furniture for many beautiful weddings. They provide furniture for afterparties for award shows like the Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globes. They have worked with Chapman University to create gala events that had the employees and guests raving. “Our event last night was a stunning success,” said one representative. “Our guests were snapping pics and taking selfies with the Bertoia chairs. They loved it!”

What truly sets FormDecor apart is the fact that not only do they provide furniture for tradeshows and special events, but they have also provided furniture for television. You may have seen FormDecor pieces in American Horror Story—quick or you’ll miss it—unique one-of a kind pieces that helped shape the scene. Or perhaps you’ve watched early seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and wondered who provided furniture for the lounge? From Housewife reunions to Bosch, across Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount—FormDecor has helped dress the sets of a variety of Hollywood TV shows and movies.

FormDecor continues to cycle in the new and giving the old will a new life. By donating their used furniture to local charities like the Habitat for Humanity, the Beacon House Thrift Shop, and the Boys and Girls Club, FormDecor ensures that their furniture can be loved far into the future.

FormDecor has always reached for possibility, through the stories they have told in their designs and inventory. Their owner and founder, Williams says, “Never settle with what is.” FormDecor constantly wonders what could be, and stays open to the world of possibility—both today and tomorrow

You can find FormDecor online at formdecor.com, @FormDecor on Facebook and Instagram, and @FormDecor Inc. on LinkedIn


This story originally appeared in the Q1 2024 issue of Exhibit City News, p. 52. For original layout, visit https://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecn_q1_2024.

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