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Generator Makes Space for Burning Man Artists

The Generator Storage Company is finalizing agreements with Generator Inc., a nonprofit maker space that incubates businesses and provides community and resources for artists such as those at the Burning Man Festival near Reno, Nev., where they can build large-scale projects such as Space Whale and this year’s slated Head Maze.

The Generator Storage Company is a new for-profit entity that hopes to contribute to a more sustainable funding dynamic for the Generator and will exist within the industrial area of Sparks a few blocks away from the current Generator location.

The entity will offers space for rent to Burning Man participants from across the globe where they can host art cars, recreational vehicles and other event-specific items in a locale close to the Black Rock Desert.

The agreement between the Generator Storage Company and the Generator will ensure that profits are used to maintain and grow The Generator Inc. and the Generator Storage Company. At its peak profitability, this means cost of rent for the Generator’s is alleviated and funds can instead subsidize artists directly through membership incentives or scholarships.

The Generator Storage Company will be under private direction, and profits will not go toward individuals until the entity has paid back all of its loans. Space is anticipated to be rented to parties at an average of $1 per square foot depending on size needs.

It will provide the Generator an estimated 50,000 square feet within the facility, an addition of 25,000 square feet from its existing space, and increase the number of available parking spaces for Generator members.

“This is about finding a way to support our art community further,” says Jerry Snyder, board president of the Generator. “The Generator Storage Company’s agreement allows the Generator to exist in the space, subsidized, which means that Burning Man continues to sustain the arts in the Reno, Sparks region. We’d be able to use funds once previously used for rent in order to develop and enhance the property and our offerings.”

The draft agreement stipulates allocated spaces for the Generator Storage Company and the Generator respectively, as well as shared square footage for offices for both parties. The private partners will retain management control of the business and share access to decision making by identifying Generator staff who can lend expertise and guidance as appropriate.

The storage solution comes at a time when the need for storage solutions are in high demand, and at a time when the Generator, too, has felt the effects of a burgeoning real estate landscape while simultaneously ensuring the Wells Avenue location is progressing in accordance with the City of Reno’s timeline for occupancy and safety.

“It’s been difficult to find something affordable and convenient,” says Ildiko Allen, a Burning Man attendee and a current member of the camp that collectively owns the Mary Ellen Carter Island Art Car. “It’s always gone from one place to another but hasn’t found its perfect home. A lot of locations that do have rental space are either full or too expensive, so we’d be happy to find something that’s a win-win and supports the Burning Man community further. I’d rather pay for storage that goes back to that community. It’s a win-win.”

The Generator Storage Co. is actively seeking tenants and is working to get space rented prior to this year’s Burning Man event. Early estimates indicate 40 percent of the storage space could be allocated by Aug. 30.

“The Storage Company allows us to focus on the art we’re building and community we’re serving,” adds Snyder.

The Generator is an inclusive art space, maker space and community space in greater Reno/Sparks for anyone who wants to make things and be part of a creative community.

The Generator Storage Company is a for-profit storage solution designed to house all things Burning Man, whether they be in development or playa-ready. In a shared space with the Generator, the Generator Storage Company perceives itself to be a partner in the Generator’s work to be an inclusive maker space and community for artists and creatives alike, and provides a revenue path to subsidize creation and those who are creating. For more info, visit www.therenogenerator.com.

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