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Debbie-Wright Global Shop Solutions
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Global Shop Solutions Honors Debbie Wright for 25 Years of Excellence

hese days, it’s rare when someone dedicates 25 years to one company and one industry—especially when that person has the skills, experience, and ability to work anywhere she wants. Global Shop Solutions, a global developer of ERP software for manufacturers, is proud to recognize Debbie Wright for her 25th anniversary with the company. Her contributions over the past quarter of a century have helped their software become one of the most reliable and trusted ERP systems in the industry, according to company officials.

Wright began her career with Global Shop Solutions as a programmer and worked her way up to her current position as VP of Core Programming. Along the way, she earned the respect and admiration of every customer she helped solve a problem for and everyone who worked with her.

Since joining Global Shop Solutions, Wright has played a key role in building their ERP software. She has designed and written many of its core systems, including the Auto Purchasing, FLOOOM, Inventory and Shop Floor Control modules, and serves as the go-to expert for these systems. She also designed and wrote the Product Configurator, an advanced software tool that simplifies order entry and quoting for manufacturers that make multi-featured parts.

“Debbie has also done extensive work in our accounting systems, making sure all the numbers tie together throughout the system,” says Erika Klein, VP of Research & Development. “She currently leads our Core Programming team, which consists of
senior analysts who develop new features and capabilities to keep our software current with the rapidly evolving manufacturing environment. Without her, Global Shop Solutions would not where we are today.”

Constantly Improving the Product
Dusty Alexander, president and CEO of Global Shop Solutions, ranks the development of the FLOOOM costing tool as Debbie’s biggest accomplishment. This tool is unique to Global Shop Solutions software and enables manufacturers to carry all cost elements for each part they make—Freight, Labor, Outside, Overhead, Other and Material—from quote to cash. “In today’s markets, manufacturers must be able to determine their costs with precision,” says Alexander. “Debbie developed the FLOOOM tool from scratch and engineered it through the entire system. She is everything we look for in an employee—tireless, determined and always seeking new ways to help our customers simplify their manufacturing.”

Dick Alexander, founder of Global Shop Solutions, agrees.“We were fortunate to have Debbie do some custom software engineering for us on a contract basis over 25 years ago,” he recalls. “We had never seen such speed and accuracy and were even more fortunate to hire her full time. Debbie has been a major contributor to Global Shop Solutions’ success.”

On Time, Every Time
Global Shop Solutions preaches a motto to all its manufacturing customers—a quality part on time every time. According to Mike Melzer, VP of Operations, the motto fits Debbie to a T. “Debbie is the quiet one; always listening and thinking of ways to make things better and easier for our customers and the Global Shop Solutions staff,” says Melzer. “She absorbs every comment and idea, and then figures out how to make it work. And she doesn’t stop until she gets it right. It’s people like Debbie that make me proud to be part of the Global Shop Solutions team.”

“We simplify your manufacturing.” Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time, every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more. Available in the cloud or on premise, their manufacturing customers benefit from real-time inventory accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved customer service. Headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, includes a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Global Shop Solutions training center. Through its offices in the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the company supports thousands of manufacturing facilities in more than 25 countries and nearly 30 industries. For more info, visit www.globalshopsolutions.com.

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