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Greener Vegas repurposes tradeshow materials

Have you ever wondered what happens to publications, badges, crates, banner material, carpet and padding after the close of a convention or tradeshow? The frustrating, but not surprising, answer is these items are often thrown away, ending up in landfills.

Though it is easy to accept this waste as routine, Zach Delbex-Smith, Cynthia Stimple and Tim Stimple decided they wanted to make a difference in the tradeshow industry, and Greener Vegas was formed in order to repurpose convention and tradeshow materials. Reusing these materials results in both reduced emissions and materials that can be donated to community programs.

Formed two years ago, Greener Vegas works with associations to facilitate the removal of reusable materials before they are designated as trash. Some tradeshow materials can be very long lived and are not recyclable, but they can be reused. Banner materials take tens of thousands of years to break down, but if the materials are repurposed, it extends the materials’ ability to be used.
Greener Vegas has donated repurposed materials to more than 100 different community programs, including 60 Clark County School District programs that have affected more than 40,000 students in the Las Vegas Valley.

In 2008, Greener Vegas and their convention partners recycled 742,808 pounds of paper, 5,902 pounds of plastic, 7,458 pounds of cardboard and 45 pounds of aluminum.  Not only have reduced emissions led to cleaner air, but also their donations have changed the lives of thousands of students and Clark County residents.

“We are proud to make a difference,” said Delbex-Smith, Greener Vegas C.E.O. “We are here to complement the efforts of facilities and associations. They are reducing and recycling materials and the focus of Greener Vegas is reusing and repurposing these materials.”

Greener Vegas is a pilot program that hopes to set a standard in the convention and tradeshow industry that provides options for unused materials. Under their national brand, Repurpose AMERICA, Delbex-Smith and Cynthia and Tim Stimple hope to take their vision to other convention destinations.

Those interested in Greener Vegas can call (702) 431-8037 or visit the Web site at GreenerVegas.org.

Julie Holzer Pazina, National Sales Manager for Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services, the nation’s leading independent temporary utility contractor for the tradeshow, convention and special event industry.

Based in Las Vegas, Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services (www.edlen.com) is the leading independent temporary utility contractor for the tradeshow, convention and special event industry. National Sales Manager Julie Holzer Pazina can be reached at julie@edlen.com.

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