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Greetings to Readers Everywhere!

With the beginning of September starts our four-month look into tradeshow and event labor. The series kicks off with this, our September print edition (See pages 34-89), and culminates in December with industry experts predicting what industry labor will look like in years to come.

The labor segment of our industry is vital to the industry’s very existence…yet so many exhibitors and event managers (not to mention a disturbing number of event organizers) understand very little about how this very specialized form of labor came into its present form – and more importantly – how best to partner with labor to maximize your face-to-face program.

GET INVOLVED! The ECN Team invites your comments and active participation. If you have not been following the social media chatter leading up to this special series, please join in the discussion. You will feel more knowledgeable and appreciate to a greater degree the hard working women and men who professionally service and bring your exhibits and event programs to life.

Those who do not know me, or may be new to our industry, may not know that I got my start in our industry in 1979 loading trailers at night at Cicero, Ill.-based McCormick Display. It was a natural progression when I was promoted to Installation and Dismantling the exhibits that I used to load on trucks. I was 18 years old when I went through the Carpenter’s apprenticeship and gained Journeyman status. I was a dues paying member of Carpenters Local 10 in Chicago for more than 20 years. I look back fondly at those formative years and how it was an excellent start to a career currently 33 years and still going!

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