May 29, 2024 8:57 PM
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How to Organize an Exhibition on the Other Side of the Ocean

by Vadim Rudenko, ucon Exhibitions



As an entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer, partaking in exhibitions can be immensely beneficial. They give individuals the opportunity to meet like-minded people and build extensive networks. Furthermore, an exhibition can be used to spread awareness about your work. On the other hand, exhibitions require a lot of work during the initial planning process.

The procedure will be even harder if you’re organizing an exhibition on the other side of the ocean. You’ll need to choose a venue, hire help, arrange catering, and invite relevant industry leaders. Some of the issues you’ll encounter and possible solutions will be explored in greater depth below.

Choosing An Unsuitable Venue

The first step of arranging an expo is to pick a suitable venue. The venue must sufficiently match the unique needs of your trade show to avoid overcrowding and other issues. It can be more difficult to pick a venue in a foreign country due to communication difficulties and time differences. In this sense, it’d be wise to team up with a reputable local partner who can help handle things on the other side of the ocean.

They’ll be more familiar with the locale so they can help choose a suitable venue that will be convenient for you and your guests. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau to get a list of venues in the area.

Failing To Understand The Attendees

Since you’re setting up an exhibition stand abroad, you’re going to encounter unique challenges. One thing to remember is that the attendees are going to be different than what you’d expect at home. After all, many of the attendees will be from the destination country. To ensure that the exhibition is successful, you must cater to the precise audience that you’re dealing with.

One way to simplify this problem is by enlisting assistance from locals. Speak to someone else setting up an exhibition booth to see if they can help. They’ll help you gain a better understanding of the attendees so you can cater to them precisely.

Sending The Wrong Invitations

It can be easy to send the wrong invitations because you’re dealing with a new location and different attendees. The things that worked at home may not work abroad. Therefore, you should alter your invitations to match the preferences of the local participants. In some cases, you may need to create invitations in multiple languages. After all, some countries are home to people of various backgrounds so they may speak several languages.

If necessary, hire a translator to ensure that the invitations are accurate and precise. Otherwise, you may end up giving out the wrong date or address.

Failing To Stay In Contact

If you’re planning a booth for an expo abroad, you need to remain in constant contact with your desired audience. You must let these people know that you’re going to be attending the event in question. You should tell them months in advance. Then, you can contact them again a week before the event. Finally, contact the potential attendees days before the event to ensure that they don’t miss it. Again, it may be essential to work with someone familiar with the culture and language of the participants.

Not Preparing For Transportation And Lodging

Whether you’re arranging an exhibition or a booth at one, you must also consider outside factors such as transportation and lodging. If you don’t book lodging ahead of time, there is a risk that you’ll have to settle for a room at an undesirable motel. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep or inappropriate transportation can cause an unsuccessful trade show.

Book your room weeks before the exhibition. Furthermore, you must rent a vehicle or make sure that you’re going to have a driver as soon as you arrive.

Not Building A Team

It is difficult enough to build an exhibition team in several states. On a good note, it is fairly easy to travel between states. Traveling abroad is never that simple.

Guaranteeing a successful exhibition abroad, an event team comprised of a local and foreign coordinator is vital. Coordinators are experienced in arranging and overseeing exhibitions. Encourage both coordinators to establish an open-door policy for good communication.

A good coordinator has connections, knowledge, and experience. Do your research, conduct a phone interview, and validate professional references.

Not Obtaining Event Insurance

Event insurance protects against financial loss in the event of unintentional, unexpected property damage, injury, or cancellation. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to planning an international exhibition. Verify the coverage restrictions to ensure it includes events in foreign countries.


Organizing an exhibition is difficult, even more so when the venue is abroad. Corporations and organizations host exhibitions in international countries several times a year. The benefits are endless for brands targeting international markets. We are one of Australia’s leading Exhibition Stand Builders & Designers. Servicing Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Find out more about ucon Exhibitions HERE .

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