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The Hughes Group, a provider of event management tools and event and environmental design, launched Predictability, a marketing tool designed for cost containment, improved engagement and measurement.

For those in need of a strategic measurement model, Predictability has arrived as a software solution backed with over 60 years of planning, measurement and strategic experience.

Predictability provides an easy-to-use, affordable solution for meeting planners, exhibit managers and brand managers to predict and measure the outcome of face-to-face marketing efforts. It measures and models each event’s logistical costs, sales leads and marketing contacts.

The marketing tool’s Costing section allows event cost simulations of multiple models per event, using national cost averages, show-specific numbers or a blank form preloaded into a calculator. Costing data is supplied and updated weekly by the Event and Exhibit Marketers Association (E2MA).  Predictability allows for simultaneous inventory review, property selection and new design approval while providing an archival reference for all properties, events and simulations.

A Connection section focuses on each event’s sales goals while designing the correct engagement and environment model. Product life cycle, show life cycle, buyer profile, event location and market conditions are deliberated.

Predictability enables a deeper understanding of the organizer’s role and presents a checklist of the seven most important steps an exhibiting brand must do to be successful while maximize organizer value.

The tool lays a strong foundation for building distinctly smarter event participation. By partnering with E2MA, the industry advocacy voice for exhibitors, Predictability is available at a significant discount through E2MA membership.

Predictability will be officially launched at E2MA’s Red Diamond Congress on July 28 in Chicago.

For a consultation on needs and capabilities, and a Predictability demonstration, go to www.smarterexhibiting.com, email info@smarterexhibiting.com or call 1-800-256-5158.

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