June 18, 2024 4:37 AM
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In Memoriam: Linda Winningham

Linda Winningham
March 26, 1966 – August 3, 2022 Sr. Account Manager, Derse

Linda Marie Winningham died of complications from cancer on August 3, 2022 at the age of 56.

Linda Marie Moran was born March 26, 1966, in Fullerton, California. A lifelong native of the southern California area, Linda attended California State University at Fullerton where she earned a BA in Business Administration and Marketing in 1989. In 2009 Linda was brought in as account manager at Derse’s new Los Angeles office after working at EWI for eight years. A senior account manager when she passed away, Linda had been with Derse for twelve years.

She met her husband Tim Winningham, a tradeshow transportation operator, in the industry. She was known and loved for her energetic and engaging personality both within work and without, and will be missed by many.

Linda is survived by her husband Tim and their son Troy, her mother Lucille Moran, her three brothers and her sister, and many nieces and nephews.

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