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IEG Shows Increase in 2018 Revenue and Operating Profitability

The Italian Exhibition Group board of directors on March 21 approved the 2018 draft financial statement that will be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting on April 30.

IEG’s consolidated turnover as of Dec. 31 was 159.7 million euros, an increase of 22.2 percent from 130.7 million euros in 2017. Operating profitability also rose, with a gross operating margin (EBITDA) of 30.8 million euros, up 32.6 percent from 2017.

Net consolidated profit was 10.8 million, a 17.9 percent increase from 9.2 million euros in 2017, which benefited from a favorable fiscal impact.

The results achieved in 2018 confirm IEG’s leading role in the management of expos organized directly and consequently for business profitability. In 2018, IEG hosted a total of 53 exhibitions and 181 conferences and events in its expo and conference facilities in Rimini and Vicenza.

Revenue from business regarding trade fair events represented about 62 percent of the consolidated total, an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. Revenue from conference events was substantially steady representing over 8 percent of the consolidated revenue. The revenue from related services such as stand fitting, catering and cleaning was approximately 40.1 million euros, a large increase from the previous year, mainly due to acquisitions. Lastly, revenue from publishing, sport and other business also increased considerably, accounting for roughly 4 percent of the IEG Group’s total revenue.

Comparison with the previous year’s figures must take into consideration some changes in the corporate structure. In March 2018, FB International Inc. became part of the IEG Group, as did Prostand Srl and Colorcom Allestimenti Fieristici Srl in September 2018). There was also the absence of two biennial expos in 2017 that are only held on even years. On the other hand, 2017 benefited from the A.B. Tech Expo, held in Rimini every three years, and Koinè, held every two years in Vicenza.

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is the Italian leader in the organization of expos and one of the main players in Europe in the expo and conference sector, with its venues in Rimini and Vicenza. The IEG Group stands out for the organization of events in five categories: food and beverage; jewelry and fashion; tourism, hospitality and lifestyle; wellness and leisure; and green technology. In recent years, IEG has launched an important process of foreign expansion, also by means of joint ventures inked with local players. For more info, visit www.iegexpo.it.

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