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Kaon Interactive Delivers Industry-First B2B Virtual Reality Built On its High Velocity Marketing Platform

Kaon VRKaon Interactive, the leading provider of 3D interactive sales and marketing engagement applications, today announced that groundbreaking virtual reality experiences have been added to the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform. Deployed by numerous Fortune 500 companies, this platform is used to amplify their customer engagement and communicate their complex value stories in every sales and marketing environment.

Kaon VR (virtual reality) is the ONLY B2B marketing solution available that immerses users in a simulated B2B environment, such as a virtual data center or a virtual diagnostics laboratory, where users can not only explore and interact with products (using Kaon’s award-winning digital 3D products models) but they can also configure the space and equipment in real time. Each user experiences a personalized environment tailored to meet their specific business needs.

Using the Kaon VR Station (which includes an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and high performance VR computer) users can instantly enter a 360-degree digital 3D environment and walk through the newly-configured virtual space at scale, exploring and interacting with 3D product demonstrations and viewing relevant marketing information, all in the context of their own distinctive business environment.

“The power of Kaon’s High Velocity Marketing Platform is in its unique ability to automatically enhance the thousands of Kaon’s existing interactive 3D product demonstrations and storytelling environments that are already in use today globally,” said Gavin Finn, president & CEO of Kaon Interactive. “This means that Kaon customers such as Cisco, BD, IBM, GE and many more get instant access to these new virtual reality capabilities for use at trade shows, executive briefing centers, and sales meetings without having to separately create single-purpose sales and marketing VR applications.”

Kaon VR also supports online virtual reality applications (Web-VR) using the Google Pixel phone and the Google Daydream View.

Kaon Interactive helps B2B marketers of complex products consistently demonstrate and differentiate products anywhere, anytime and turn prospects into customers. The company’s interactive 3D product marketing applications transform product marketing content into visual product storytelling experiences to deepen customer engagement, reduce marketing expenses and accelerate the sales cycle. More than 5,000 Kaon Interactive applications are being used worldwide at trade shows, remote sales demonstrations, product launches, executive briefing centers, and websites by leading global product manufacturing companies. For more information about Kaon, visit www.kaon.com.

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