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Lippman Connects selects Exhibit Surveys as roundtable research partner

Exhibit Surveys Inc., a provider of research, measurement and consulting services for the exhibition and event industry, and Lippman Connects, a producer of exclusive events for exhibition and convention professionals, announced on Nov. 15 that Exhibit Surveys has been selected to be the first exclusive market research partner for the Lippman Connects Roundtables through 2014.

Conducting ongoing event industry research, Exhibit Surveys will focus on Return on Investment (ROI), market trends and industry outlooks. Results of these studies will be presented at each of the Lippman Connects Roundtables, instigating interactive discussions of the results and how they impact participants’ events. Following each roundtable event, survey participants will receive a complimentary executive summary of the results. Key take-aways will be shared with the industry at large through Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connects’ websites and social media connections.

“We are privileged to be the exclusive research partner for Lippman Connects Roundtables,” said Joe Federbush, vice president, Exhibit Surveys Inc. “We appreciate the rare opportunity to learn more from the distinguished industry thought-leaders who participate in the roundtable discussions and to convey the results that benefit all of those in the event industry. A lot of great event marketing industry insights are revealed during these collaborative efforts.”

Inviting exhibition and event organizers to participate in a sales metrics survey, Exhibit Surveys and Lippman Connects revealed that their average profit rate is at 42 percent. Detailed results were released at the Exhibit Sales Roundtable in October 2013.

“I’m confident that similar breakthrough data and revelations will be found in future Exhibit Surveys’ studies,” said Sam Lippman, president, Lippman Connects, and producer, Exhibit Sales Roundtables. “Working with a professional market research company across all of the roundtables will help us break down silos over the next 12 months, and processing what we learn at one roundtable and comparing and contrasting it with other roundtables will provide a 360 degree review that will benefit the entire industry.”

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