May 29, 2024 8:20 PM
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Looking to the future with the IFES Masterclass of 2023 in November!

Submitted by IFES


After a period where the Exhibitions Industry has been preoccupied with the demands of the remarkable recovery of face-toface exhibitions, IFES is thrilled to announce that the Education Committee knowledge-sharing program kicksoff with the association’s eighth IFES MasterClass in November.

Aptly themed ”Futureproof your Career in International Exhibitions”, MasterClass2023 is firmly future-focused, looking at securing the longevity of the Exhibition industry by advancing its next generation players.

The industry’s future depends on upcoming talent and new ideas, and with this in mind, the agenda for this get-together was devised collaboratively between the IFES Education Committee and the IFES Talent Team, a group of under40year old forward-thinkers who bring fresh wind to the industry by combining innovation with established expertise.

The 2023 MasterClass targets midlevel industry professionals; Designers, Project/Account, and Sales Managers amongst others, with the aim of equipping them with essential soft skills to ensure their ongoing success in the exhibition space.

Twoandahalf actionpacked business networking days will give attendees an opportunity to foster intercultural understanding and connections worldwide, develop effective communication, resilience, and critical engagement skills across a range of situations, and understand the differences in exhibition methodology around the globe. Of course, there will also be tangible takeaways as they discoverkey Digital and AI tools to enhance the Exhibition experience and delve into modern Sales and Marketing developments.

IFES MasterClass 2023 provides a unique experience-exchange opportunity led by renowned achievers in the industry, including Marketing and Business Consultant Lee Ali of ExpoStars, Jörg Zeissig, CEO of Holtmann+ and CEO and Principal of Laguna Displays, Steve Riches, who share their expertise and insights from different corners of the globe.

Participants will learn how to maximize their connectivity with colleagues, build high performance teams in the workplace, win more clients and gain a deeper understanding of how they can provide their clients with added value in keeping with their geographic and cultural differences.

On a more personal level, Conflict Prevention Specialist, Angela Herberholz will discuss embracing conflict, using techniques and strategies to navigate complexities in the workplace, and the personal tools required to thrive in this specialised environment,

As always, IFES MasterClasses are focused on driving industry growth and inter-committee engagement, so the opportunities to mix and mingle are abundant. The ebullient Han Leenhouts of Sales and Pepper will conduct an unmissable eveningget-together with Resilience Stories an unusual combination of cooking and storytelling which promises to yield some interesting insights and useful tips. Participants can also engage in a friendly Bowl-Off on bowling night, share ideas at the Solutions Tables sessions, and strengthen relationships during a visit to the Frankfurt Messe.

Aside from engaging with colleagues and peers on a business level, this year’s MasterClass comes with a generous side serving of fun, so attendees can expect torelax, enjoy, and make lasting memories.

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