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San Diego Convention Center Corp. (SDCCC) and Total Communicator Solutions Inc. revealed their development of a mobile platform for the convention industry. This platform uses proximity beacons to deliver hyper-location content, analytics and marketing messages to convention attendees and show managers.

Combining in-convention center proximity content delivery with outdoor geo-specific and location aware communications, the SDCCC application uses the Gimbal context aware and proximity platform from Qualcomm Retail Solutions, which enables delivery of personalized, highly relevant communications to consumers on their mobile devices based on interests and context both inside and outside conventions. The app launches when attendees arrive in San Diego, guides them to the convention and enhances the convention experience by providing information throughout their stay.

“Working with Total Communicator Solutions Inc. to bring this new application to the convention center will give San Diego new advantages in attracting conventions,” said Carol Wallace, president and CEO, San Diego Convention Center Corp. “It is our goal to utilize new and relevant technology for our convention show managers so their attendees have the best possible experience while attending their convention in San Diego.”

The mobile app enables convention managers to verify who is in which booth, how long they are there, deliver relevant and on-point content directly to the attendee’s mobile device when they are in the booth.  There is no need to manually check in or scan badges, eliminating a time-consuming procedure.

“This new application provides value to the attendees, analytics and tools for the exhibitors and empowers the show managers to enhance the conventions for all,” said Erik Bjontegard, CEO and founder, Total Communicator Solutions Inc. “This helps SDCCC stand out in the convention industry for enhancing the overall convention experience.”

SDCCC is selecting upcoming tradeshows in the first half of 2014 to feature the platform. The convention center and Total Communicator Solutions Inc. will install numerous beacons for these shows and place others with select participating premium exhibitors.  Total Communicator Solutions Inc. has successfully tested the Spark Compass platform in the convention center.

Attendees will also benefit outside the convention center. The Spark Compass platform enables geo-fences to be created that trigger the delivery of customized offers based on time, place, and individual preferences.  As they walk through San Diego’s Gaslamp district, attendees will receive relevant offers on behalf of participating restaurants.

Once the initial roll out is completed, SDCCC and Total Communicator Solutions Inc. will collectively make it available to show managers to implement for their conventions elsewhere.  The complete platform will also be offered for customizing for other convention centers globally.

San Diego Convention Center Corp. was created by the City of San Diego to exclusively manage and operate the 2.6 million square-feet waterfront convention center while Total Communicator Solutions Inc. develops integrated mobile marketing communication platforms and applications.

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