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Announced Oct. 21, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of Maryland-based TESSCO Technologies Inc. (TESSCO) that designs and manufactures solutions for wireless networks, has launched high-density antennas for large indoor and outdoor venues. 

Flawless Wi-Fi access at high density venues is a must for conventioneers. Simultaneous use of smartphones, tablets and laptops by a large concentration of users from a single access point could slow down wireless networks.

“As Wi-Fi continues to move beyond carpeted environments, including outdoors into stadiums and on campuses, the ability to provide stronger, reliable Wi-Fi signals to large numbers of simultaneous users – while mitigating interference – is a huge benefit,” said Jeff Lime, vice president, Ventev Wireless Infrastructure.

TESSCO developed TerraWave High-Density Antennas, designed with a narrower, focused beam of coverage that enables stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signals, reduces channel-to-channel interference and increases capacity in such environments.

Deploying 300 TerraWave High-Density Antennas, TESSCO’s largest installation to date, classrooms at Georgia Institute of Technology were outfitted with the improved design. Dennis Burrell, product manager, TESSCO, explained that the more than 21,500 university students typically use two or three devices during class. Designating 100 users per access point, the campus installed up to three access points in the larger lecture halls for seamless data coverage.

Using a narrow 35-degree beamwidth and featuring a higher gain of 14 dBi, external antennas within the access point targets a smaller subset of users to enhance wireless network performance. Providing seamless data usage even at great distances from the user, the antenna allows for more flexibility in placement of the antenna.

As the only ceiling-mount high-density antenna available, the high-density antenna is specifically designed for indoor applications at convention centers, auditoriums, large warehouses and factories. Alternate designs can be mounted onto a mast or pole, or even placed underneath stadium seats.

TESSCO is bringing the wave of the future in antenna equipment to convention centers and other large facilities for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with the TerraWave High-Density Antennas.

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