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Norm Friedrich Octanorm
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OCTANORM Canada and OCTANORM USA Merge to Form OCTANORM North America

April 2, 2018, marked the first official day of business for OCTANORM North America, Inc.

“We are excited about our new beginning and would especially like to welcome our Canadian partners,” says Norm Friedrich (pictured above), president/CEO, OCTANORM North America, Inc. “We believe this is an important and appropriate measure to unite synergies and production capabilities to offer our customers even better service.

“Jason White will remain a member of the team and will act as national sales manager–Canada,” Friedrich continues. “Jason has already brought some great ideas along with him and we look forward to providing him with assistance from his new headquarters in Atlanta.”

Friedrich adds that “while we hope this transition will be smooth, we are sure to run into a few snags here and there and hope you will be patient with us as we strive to improve our overall level of service. However, your feedback is important to us and we invite your comments and suggestions. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your loyalty as we strive to improve our existing relationships and forge new ones.”

Logo_OCTANORM_Redesign_LZN_north_americaThe website for OCTANORM North America will remain the same as it has been for OCTANORM Canada and OCTANORM USA but will now be under the domain www.octanormna.com. Former email addresses will still function for the time being, but going forward, new email addresses for everyone will be first initial last name@octanormna.com.

The company has also added some new features to assist with internal transparency and response time. All orders should be sent to orders@octanormna.com and all quote requests should be sent to quotes@octanormna.com to receive an automated response. All requests will get assigned to someone who will make contact within 24 hours. These requests will be assigned a number and will be displayed in a team portal for everyone to see. This will insure faster response time and will distribute the workload evenly throughout the technical and customer service departments. Of course, if you have an emergency you can always call.

OCTANORM is a leading, quality brand in exhibition construction systems. Established in 1969 by founder Hans Staeger, the vision to develop an intelligent exhibition system combining efficiency, flexibility and individuality was the goal. The idea was developed into a concept that revolutionized system construction and today OCTANORM continues to be a leader in product innovation and quality. Their core areas of business are in the areas of exhibition construction, presentation, interior design, clean rooms and project solutions. In their 50-year history, they have developed into a specialized and globally active system manufacturer. Their worldwide network of Partners (OSPI) promotes the concept of “Designed Here, Built There” which raises the bar considerably when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of this industry. Today, OCTANORM is considered an important technology driver with a strong focus on innovation and quality. The production and processing of orders is carried out at the highest technical level. For this reason, they are setting the stage for continuous development, production and worldwide distribution. For more info, visit www.octanormna.com.

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