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On the Road to Recovery: States Reopen and End Mask Mandates, PRA & CadmiumCD

(Pictured above: International Trademark Association’s virtual annual meeting produced by PRA Digital and One Smooth Stone.)

by H. K. Wilson

Do you ever feel like it’s going to take some magical intervention to correct course after 2020? Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke is famous for saying, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Lucky for us, technologists are busy creating tools that are making it possible to present and manage digital and hybrid events so flawlessly, it feels like magic. This week, we’re taking a look at what PRA and CadmiumCD have created. And states are reopening for business—setting the stage for a return to the pre-lockdown economy.

The Masks Come Off

throwing away masksFour states that had mask mandates covering the general public have lifted them: Montana, Iowa, North Dakota and Mississippi. Texas is set to become the fifth on March 10, when Gov. Greg Abbott says his eight-month-old mask order will expire. On March 2, Texas and Mississippi announced plans to rescind mask mandates and allow businesses to reopen without capacity restrictions. Texas intends for businesses to resume full operations by March 10, while Mississippi announced a more aggressive March 3 target.

Texas is not the first state to end a statewide requirement for people to wear masks in public. Fifteen other states either lifted their mask mandate or never adopted one in the first place: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control continues to recommend social distancing and wearing of masks in public settings, at events and gatherings.

PRA Delivers Outstanding Education and Networking in a Digital Environment

PRA logoPRA Digital and One Smooth Stone partnered with the International Trademark Association to produce a highly-attended and successful digital engagement for the association’s annual meeting. Using strategic and consultative insights to construct and produce a highly interactive digital engagement with education tracks, networking opportunities, an extensive virtual exhibit center and hospitality building, the team delivered solid results.

Here are a few of the event’s highlights:

  • Registered attendees had 85 percent participation rate
  • Four technology platforms integrated to create one cohesive attendee experience
  • 47 presentation broadcasts by 203 presenters
  • 40 INTA education sessions
  • 31 social networking digital experiences
  • 54 exhibit booths
  • Three hospitality buildings with 23 live events
  • 15 corporate meetups

For more info or to review the program, challenges and solutions, click here

Manage Virtual Speakers, Sessions and More With CadmiumCD’s Conference Harvester

Cadmium logoConference Harvester is the brain of CadmiumCD’s event management platform. With Conference Harvester, capture all the information you need from speakers for virtual events—presentation slides, video and more—then automatically update and publish content to your virtual events platform. Manage speaker and exhibitor content via a customizable task list, plan session and presentation details, and communicate with stakeholders via an email tool. Every Harvester project comes equipped with data analytics and project management tools, for free!Cadmium graphic

Speaker Management

Collect speaker bios, photos, presentation materials, contracts, financial disclosures, travel requirements and more.

  • Task-Based Data Collection
  • Presentation Management
  • Session Scheduling
  • Custom Forms
  • Integrates with eventScribe Products

Exhibitor Management

Sell booth space, set priority points, collect exhibitor company details and logos, and more.

  • Manage Exhibitor Details
  • Sell Booth Space & SponsorshipsCadmium graphic
  • Sell Advertising on eventScribe
  • WYSIWYG Drag-and-Drop Floor Plan Creation

Event Management

Manage presentation and session details, coordinate room logistics and send data.

Dedicated Customer Support

Deliver documents, materials and quizzes to professionals to test their post-meeting knowledge. Manage continuing education course evaluations and credit tracking. Keep track of data via reporting tools.

  • Assigned Project Manager
  • 9-5 Speaker & Exhibitor Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly User Groups & Training
  • Onsite Training & Support

For more info or to request a demo, visit: www.cadmiumcd.com/contact.

On the Road to Recovery is a series about celebrating the innovators, the imagineers and the glass-half-full types who keep finding new opportunities in our topsy-turvy world. If your company has created new products or found a way to pivot and keep working during these difficult and challenging times, please email us at newsdesk@exhibitcitynews.com for inclusion in future stories in this new weekly series.



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