The first of its kind self-paced E-Learning course has been developed for new and experienced tradeshow exhibit managers who are looking to improve lead follow-up and deliver a positive return on investment.

“I developed the content of the E-Learning course around the questions and input I received from more than 25,000 exhibit managers who have attended my in-person seminars, workshops, and online education and training webinars,” says Richard Erschik, founder of the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy.

The MasterClass E-Learning course can be completed in about one hour and teaches before, during and after-show strategies and tactics including an industry proven sales lead response technique that assures 100 percent lead follow-up after a show, and consequently delivers the return on investment (ROI) exhibitors need to justify their tradeshow life and budget. A personalized certificate acknowledges completion of the course.

Tradeshow organizers and suppliers can purchase the course and provide it to their exhibitors and customers as an additional revenue generator. The course can also be adapted to any existing learning management system. Members of the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy can access the course free and receive a personalized certificate to enhance their industry status.

Inside the TSEMA, members enjoy useful features and relevant information including:

  • A peer-to-peer networking forum for individual private discussions, answers to questions, solutions to problems, and expert advice from recommended suppliers.
  • Reprints of relevant industry articles and a salary review, so exhibit managers can compare what they are presently earning to what the industry says they are worth.
  • A Founders BLOG of useful and relevant trade show and exhibiting information.

Richard Erschik is widely known in the tradeshow industry for having delivered more than 350 in-person seminars, online webinars and workshops to more than 25,000 exhibit managers globally. He has been a featured presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18 years. For more info, visit


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