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by Sarah Chew

Blending the best elements of physical and digital creates a unique mix of creative and technological capabilities which will create new experiences that allow audiences to maximize their interactions with brands. In an increasing saturated environment of content and communications, messages that are translated to the audience have to be impactful both to the senses and to the intellect. The objectives of exhibition and events remain the same through the years–to make it a successful, impactful and engaging experience.

With physical experiences, the tangible build and structure of the exhibition influences the space in which visitors can navigate through. Engagement is determined through how the spatial design caters to the need of visitors, and interaction can be expanded within the space with both objects on display and people. Moving beyond physical spaces, the reach to audience group can be done through social media platforms. Online engagement creates another form of interactive space for audience. Apart from the online platforms, digital content marketing tools also influence people’s interest in an event or exhibition.

Bridging the digital with the physical world, technology will become increasingly integrated into our built environment. It is no secret that the physical and digital world has been converging extensively in recent years. Applications on our mobile phones, digital touchpoints throughout the day, the technologies are getting more intuitive and sophisticated, further blurring the lines between both. Large-scale interactive exhibits have the ability to engage the presence of the visitors and capture the attention on sheer size. Bring in the use of holographic images and projection-mapped displays with the clever use of video and social media; it adds a new dimension to the exhibit. Brands should also consider integrating exciting, traffic-driving forms of engagement that can capture data which can be transformed into lead capture and aid in future business decisions. This form of “phygital” engagement creates interactivity that has digital measurability.

Often, brands need to explore the use of creating a strong narrative storytelling experience for heightened sensorial experiences. However, with visitors exposed to limitless varieties of technology at shows, it will get more difficult to keep up with their interests and keep things fresh and novel from their perspective.

The exhibit floor requires exhibitors to be nimble with their strategy, by ensuring that booths are flexible, to be able to respond to the quick fast pace that technology progresses, yet create strong audience engagement with visitors by combining the physical and digital space. This approach will help them stay current without compromising on sustainability in the long run.

Sarah Chew is the exec­utive director of Kingsmen Exhibits Pte Ltd, a leading communication design and production group in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

This story originally appeared in the September/October issue of Exhibit City News, p. 54. For more pictures and original layout, visit http://issuu.com/exhibitcitynews/docs/ecnflipbook_septemberoctober_2018_o?e=16962537/64174552

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