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PLASTICS Celebrates America Recycles Day, Advocates for Increased Collaboration

submitted by Camille Gallo, Plastics Industry



In honor of America Recycles Day, PLASTICS President and CEO Matt Seaholm emphasized the plastics industry’s continuous commitment to recycling, stating, “For us, every day is America Recycles Day. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing recyclability, investing billions in cutting-edge technologies.”

While proud of the industry’s contributions, Seaholm stressed the need for collaborative efforts. “Recycling is real, and the plastics industry is part of the solution, but more is required. We seek partnerships across government, private sectors, and communities to elevate our recycling initiatives daily.”

PLASTICS recently launched the “Recycling is Real” advocacy campaign, focusing on promoting and defending plastic recycling in America. This campaign aims to enlighten elected officials about the pivotal role recycling plays in sustainability, guiding informed decisions on resource allocation.

As the singular organization supporting the entire plastics supply chain, including Equipment Suppliers, Material Suppliers, Processors, and Recyclers, PLASTICS represents over one million workers in the $548 billion U.S. industry. The association actively advances its members’ priorities by investing in technologies that improve recycling capabilities and sustainability.

Since 1937, PLASTICS has championed global competitiveness for its members, the seventh-largest U.S. manufacturing industry. The organization supports circularity through educational initiatives, industry insights, events, and policy advocacy. NPE2024: The Plastics Show, the largest plastics trade show in the Americas, underscores PLASTICS’ dedication to fostering a sustainable future.


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