July 14, 2024 1:31 PM
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Popshap and Skyline Exhibits Announce Partnership

submitted by Popshap, LLC.


Strategic Partnership Designed To Increase Digital Tradeshow Offerings

Popshap and Skyline Exhibits today announced a strategic partnership designed to increase digital trade show offerings. As part of the collaboration, Popshap, a leading provider of interactive digital solutions, will provide Skyline, a creator of brand-elevating trade show exhibits, clients with an array of in-booth digital tools. This new partnership will bring innovative LED-driven technology to Skyline’s extensive client base of trade show exhibitors, providing them with interactive and engaging digital solutions.


The collaboration will involve integrating LED-driven technology – including standalone touchscreen kiosks, LED posters, and LED video tiles – into select Skyline custom modular exhibit systems. With Popshap’s expertise in LED solutions and Skyline’s high-impact exhibit designs, the partnership will offer a comprehensive range of services from strategy and creative development to build, installation and dismantling, and measurement.


By focusing on key trade show cities and venues, this national partnership will expand Popshap’s geographical presence and provide significant engagement opportunities to Skyline’s client base. The partnership aligns with Skyline’s CMX approach to exhibiting, which combines its high-impact, custom modular exhibit designs with digital activations, and Skyline’s proprietary 2D2A Measurement Methodology.


Popshap’s LED technologies are available today, and with the breadth of offerings, seamlessly integrate into Skyline exhibits of any size. With this partnership, the companies are poised to deliver innovative and high-quality interactive experiences to trade show exhibitors, facilitating increased engagement and creating memorable brand experiences.


“We are thrilled to join forces with Skyline Exhibits to bring our state-of-the-art LED technologies to their extensive exhibitor client base”; said Eitan Magid, CEO of Popshap. “Trade show exhibitors can now leverage our full-service LED solutions, incorporating our cutting-edge LED-driven technology to captivate their target audiences and leave a lasting impact.”


“Skyline Exhibits is equally enthusiastic about this partnership,” said Anthony Floreano, CEO of Skyline. “Our exhibit designs embrace digital activations, and we are thrilled to have unique access to Popshap’s technology and expertise. The combination of custom modular exhibits and interactive technology allows our clients to stand out on the show floor and achieve better outcomes.”


The agreement builds on existing work that the companies have done together. Popshap and Skyline Exhibits will kick off their strategic partnership by showcasing their collaboration at the upcoming events like IMEX, HIMMS, G2E and AUSA, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of the integrated LED solutions.


About Popshap

Popshap is a pioneer in interactive digital solutions, offering a vast range of LED-driven technology for businesses across various industries. With a focus on strategy, creativity, and analysis, Popshap ensures that clients receive cutting-edge digital solutions that captivate audiences and drive results. Website www.popshap.com


About Skyline Exhibits

Working with brands of all sizes, Skyline Exhibits creates award-winning trade show experiences through modular structures, digital activations, high-impact graphics, custom fabrication, and comprehensive services. With a strong focus on excellence, Skyline makes great design accessible to everyone. Website www.skyline.com

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