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QuickMobile integrated more than 130 third-party systems into its mobile event app platform, supporting thousands of events and millions of users with diverse solutions. These systems include enterprise social collaboration tools from Salesforce and Jive Software, real-time polling systems from Lumi and registration systems from EventBrite and RegOnline.

“Until now, we have been registration agnostic, and everything that we have done around registration integration has been custom development, which is both complex and time consuming,” said Jeff Epstein, director of product and channel marketing, QuickMobile. “We know registration integration inside and out, and we want to further simplify the experience for our event customers. If they come to us wanting to use one of our strategic vendors, we can do more while ensuring a higher quality, faster and more predictable experience.”

QuickMobile developed strategic relationships with several registration software providers to simplify registration integration into the mobile event app experience. While the company will continue to support most registration systems, it will now provide deeper productized offerings and out-of-the-box integration with a select number of solutions, including those provided by AllianceTech, Certain Inc., Cvent, etouches, EventsForce, Opus Solutions and SignUp4.

“While etouches is an end-to-end event management platform, QuickMobile represents a fantastic opportunity for our customers to extend the mobile functionality we offer with a best-in-class product,” said Nicola Rosetti, chief strategy officer, etouches. “Both etouches and QuickMobile teams are providing strong 24/7 support for our joint customers, making the partners fully aligned with the product offering.”‘

Although QuickMobile has integrated with over 130 unique systems and solutions, it is now running more than 450 integrations across all of its current mobile apps, many of which required custom development. There is a significant difference in development time and risk for a planner who brings registration system code to integrate into their mobile event platform, versus selecting one of the systems already supported by QuickMobile. For QuickMobile’s strategic registration partners, the integration is already complete, providing customers complete control through QuickMobile’s content management system. This provides greater flexibility and resolves challenges and risks for both QuickMobile and its customers.

“As technology expands in the events industry, marketers, event professionals and attendees using mobile apps are demanding simplicity and control.  Integrating with QuickMobile’s mobile app platform allows us to meet this demand in a meaningful and scalable way. We are excited to work with QuickMobile and the opportunity to reach and support a diverse and growing base of international customers,” stated Betsy Zikakis, vice president of marketing, Certain Inc.

Earlier this year, QuickMobile partnered with Lumi Mobile to provide event customers with a sophisticated, immersive real-time polling and discussion experience using Lumi’s Join In solution within the QuickMobile mobile event app.

“Ultimately, what systems we integrate into the mobile app is the customer’s choice. When it comes to our new productized registration offering, we are not trying to influence what systems they choose. We simply want to give them peace of mind knowing that their registration system will work with their mobile event apps,” added Epstein.

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